Thanks for visiting our farm. We grow food in a way that nourishes our land and sustains us as eaters. We invite you to read about our growing practices, and find out how to become a part of our community of eaters. We delight in our work building and strengthening the community forming around our farm hub, and creating ways for people of all ages to engage in meaningful experiences here. Take a look at our education programs to learn more about on-farm learning experiences, many of which are made especially for kiddos. You can also come by for a casual visit. Our farm store is open six days a week and carries our fresh-grown produce and pastured meats. Blank Page Café specializes in performance coffee and grain-free baked goods. Join us for our summer tradition of Burger Night, a fun and lively experience for the whole family. Or, you can simply stop by for a walk and visit our new piglets in the spring.

No matter what brings you here, we look forward to meeting you and helping to share where food comes from! 

Burger Night 2018

Join the farm team of Bread & Butter Farm for our 8th season of Burger Night – a celebration of our community, this land, and the food that is grown here.  Each Burger Night will feature a family style from-the-land meal; incredible live music, as well as farming inspired activities like interactive tours and eco art projects!  Plus, Mister Chris & Friends will perform for the kiddos and invite families to join the cherished Burger Night Parade!




About Our Farm

Our work is to re-imagine a collaborative working landscape that takes care of soil, microorganisms, plants, animals, farmers, neighbors, and community that depends on this land.


Mentorship and lifelong learning are integral to our work. We create space for people of all ages to engage in meaningful experiences on our land. 

Food & Cultivation

We work alongside the plants, animals, and microorganisms to regenerate our landscape while producing delicious and nutritious food.