Camp Bread & Butter is a week-long journey through the worlds of farming, cooking, outdoor survival skills, crafts, archery, and epic group games guided by a talented and supportive farm and wilderness education team. On this beautiful land between the Green and Adirondack mountains, campers ages 5-12 learn experience the joy and magic of connecting with the land through farm chores, guilds, and games. Through the work and play of summer on the farm, we learn together to illuminate the connections between land, plants, animals and people that nurture healthy communities. 

Camp Goals:

  • To facilitate the creation of on-farm community within the context of each week's theme. Based on underlying principles of acceptance, care, respect, and fun, to support the growth and confidence of each of our campers as a member of a vibrant ecological community.

  • To facilitate a general understanding of the relationships between land, soil, plants, animals, people, communities, and the networks that nourish them. Additionally, to transfer specific skills and knowledge that campers can build upon from year to year.

  • To honor and celebrate the diversity and differences in our farm and camper community. To integrate and reflect on principles of social justice as they relate to people as well as plants, animals, and Earth. To strive towards a vision of community and strength through difference.

    • Note: It is our expressed goal that finances are not a barrier to your family's involvement. If you are unable to attend Camp Bread & Butter because tuition is unaffordable at this time please email us to discuss options. We will do our very best to make it work for you and your family!

    • For those who feel they are in a position to do so, please note the Donate button in the camp registration from. Even small donations will help support the participation of campers who might otherwise be unable to attend.

Camp Bread & Butter 2019 Themes 

We believe organizing our summer weeks into themes allows new and returning campers alike a fresh lens for experiencing the rich array of opportunities that the farm land provides. Please note, however, that each and every week of camp will cater to every kind of camper, whether artist, athlete or future farmer. While we recommend looking towards themes your kiddo is most excited about, rest assured that any session of camp will contain programming from each and every theme, and will be grounded in the experience of life on the farm. 

Artisans  (June 24-28)

This week will focus on cultivating our creative spirits! From flower crowns to fairy houses, wood carving and ceramics, we’ll explore different ways of bringing our imaginations out into the beauty of the world around us. Artisans week will culminate in a craft fair showing off your camper's hard work and ingenuity. 

Farmer in Training (July 1-5)

This week is the heart of our summer program. FIT week offers your camper the opportunity to dig into life on our farm, taking on new roles and responsibilities. They'll learn about soil and produce, animals and farm stores, encountering all the beings that make our farm come alive, and even team up to manage a mock farm! 

Music (July 8-12)

For the first time on the farm, we are so very excited to offer a week with a focus on music and the magic of music making! Alongside our usual mix of farm, guilds, and games, we’ll be taking time to work with campers interested in digging into ukulele, guitar, violin, percussion, and/or group singing! If your camper is particularly interested in one of these possibilities, please specify when registering.

Athletes (July 15-19)

Calling all Olympians! Athletes week at the farm will spotlight heroic deeds of strength, speed and stamina. From whiffle ball to archery, basketball to croquet, we invite athletes of all sizes and abilities to come play and train with us but, most of all, to have fun. 

Farmer in Training (July 22-26)

This week is the heart of our summer program - so much so that we offer it twice! FIT week offers your camper the opportunity to dig into life on our farm, taking on new roles and responsibilities. They'll learn about soil and produce, animals and farm stores, encountering all the beings that make our farm come alive, and even team up to manage a mock farm! 

Herbalism  (July 29-August 2)

Herbalism- the art and craft of healing with plants. This week, led once again by Herbalist/Educator Kenzie MacDonald, will highlight the magic and life of plants in the forest and in the field. We will learn about everything from plant communication to remedy making to herbal traditions and folklore. Ready your children to weave a Web of wild crafting in nature and experiencing the magical properties of plants of all kinds.

Wilderness Explorers (August 5-9)

Building on last year's three-day intensive, camp takes to the woods for a whole week! We’ll re-wild ourselves by practicing wilderness survival skills such as orienteering, fire building, and foraging, singing songs and taking time to become comfortable in the mysteries of the forests and lands to which we belong.

Legends & Lore (August 12-16)

For would be thespians, bards and wanderers, Legends & Lore week will offer us creative room to explore the legends and history of Bread & Butter Farm. This week will spotlight stories and storytelling, poetry and song, and invite our campers to participate once again in the legendary Dragon Quest. Keep an eye out for Silo Sid!

Camp Staff 

We keep a 5:1 camper to staff ratio and our counselors possess a diverse array of unique skill sets. We hire our staff with the goal to create a safe and enriching summer experience wherein each camper's interests are valued and supported in a nurturing community. Camp staff holds different levels of front and backcountry First Aid certification and includes a pediatric nurse who lives on farm.  

Our core staff is supported by an awesome and talented group of up to five Leaders in Training (LiT's), who participate in full camp activities as well as their own unique program. Our LiT program is open to ages 13-15, and is an amazing way to continue learning and growing on the farm after finishing one's camper years!


Daily Flow 

Our daily flow is an important piece of our summer camp. Our whole community participates in this grounded routine which provides a sense of comfort for all and great potential to effectively illuminate the beauty all around us. Here you'll find a typical daily flow, with some aspects flexible to change: 

A Day in the Life of a Bread & Butter Camper

1:00 Story Time
1:30 Guild 2/EGG/SG: EGG stands for Epic Group Game which ranges from Capture the Flag, our beloved "Farm Quest" or our favorite and legendary GOLD RUSH. SG stands for our weekly special guest, who brings new and exciting material into each week's theme. 
2:30 Afternoon Snack
2:45 Free Play
3:15 Closing Circle
3:30* Pick up

9:00* Arrival
9:15 Gathering Circle: silly songs, skits, talk about the day, announcements. 
9:45 Farm Chores
10:30 Snack
10:45 Guild 1: guilds are our self-directed activities that last for about one hour. Each counselor offers a guild ranging from archery, comic book creation, improv, farm band, cooking, harvesting and A TON MORE! 
11:45 Gather and prep for lunch
12:00 Lunch/Free time
12:45 Sit Spot: sit spot is the one time of the day we encourage campers to find their own quiet space to slow down and take in their day on the farm. 

*Note: Early/After Care available from 8:00-9:00 and 3:30-4:30 at the rate of $10/hour per family.