Burger Night


Burger Night  is a celebration of our community, this land, and the food that is grown here.  Each Burger Night features a family style from-the-land meal, live music, as well as farming inspired activities like interactive tours and art projects.  

Plus, Mister Chris & Friends will perform for the kiddos and invite families to join the cherished Burger Night Parade!  


A simple, farm fresh meal raised and prepared with the utmost care.

We serve  6 oz. grass-fed beef burgers or grass-fed beef hot dogs (from our herd!), Vermont Bean Crafters veggie burger, Salads (fresh from our own organic gardens), and all of our favorite toppings - pickles, grilled scallions, fermented kraut and our special sauce. All meals come with a refreshing herbal tea and gluten-free cookie from Blank Page Café. As always, we are happy to accommodate most allergies and will offer gluten free & bunless options. Just let us know!

We provide a family style buffet line so you can fill your plates with our simple, delicious food!


Burger Nights happen on Fridays from 4:30-7:30pm.

Each spring we release schedule details for the upcoming summer!

Burger Night is a ticketed event.

No need to stress out & get here early for fear of the parking lot filling up – with your ticket, you have a guaranteed spot.

Meal Service: Our meal service is family style!  This means that for your ticket, you will be able to go through the buffet line and fill your plate with all the offerings without the hassle of ordering a la carte!  

Weather: We will not cancel due to inclement weather. Unless there is torrential rain or thunder/lightening, we will run the event.  Each event will have an inclement weather date of the following Sunday for those extreme weather events.

Refunds: We will not offer any refunds for BN tickets purchased, if we need to use the inclement weather date, we will also not offer refunds.  Please understand this policy when you purchase your ticket.

Dog Policy: Dogs are not allowed at Burger Night.  Although we love our furry friends we want to make sure all animals, farm animals, and humans stay safe and sound at our events.  Thank you for leaving your dogs at home for Burger Night.

We are a Working Farm: A farm is a place with some inherent dangers.  Please understand you are coming to a farm and we ask that you respect our home and space.  We have large equipment, tall hay bales, electric fences, tall grasses, biting insects, prickly plants, rocks, splintery wood, and more.  Kiddos are welcome to run free and be kiddos but we ask that parents keep a close eye on their little ones and help everyone stay safe. Take the correct precautionary steps necessary for yourself and your little ones – you know best what that means!

The Story Of Burger Night

This is our 9th Season of Burger Night!! Burger Night began in 2011 as a way for us to celebrate our farm raised products. We love grilling up our grass-fed beef burgers alongside healthy and delicious side salads, where almost all of the ingredients are grown here on the farm. Enjoying live music and sharing a burger has become a favorite way to connect with our community. We revel in watching all the kiddos playing in the fields and folks strolling through the greenhouses and gardens - connecting what they see growing and grazing in the fields to what they are eating on their plates!

We updated the format of Burger Night for our Summer 2018 season to ensure Burger Night can continue to serve as an important part of our community farm model for generations to come.  For 7 years, we ran up to 20 events per season and each event brought together our community around incredible food, music, and celebration of the outdoors. The support and outpouring from YOU, our community, has been humbly appreciated and honestly more than we could have ever expected! Alas, we decided to focus the immense amount of energy and resources it takes to make Burger Night happen into fewer, even more intentional events.  We know that this will allow us to spread our limited energy more evenly across all the demanding farm needs and projects, as well as maintain this beautiful community event that we all have come to know and love as Burger Night!

Thank you for your continued love and support!  

We’ll be announcing 2020 Burger Night dates in late spring.