March 9, 2018


Happy Powder Day!

What a time warp of a winter we're having. Although, for those who remember, one of our biggest snow storms last year was at almost the exact same time. Thank you, snow goddesses.

While the greenhouses shed their fresh cathedral of snow, we're happily harvesting spinach inside their warm walls. Spring seeding continues, and we admire the impressive progress that Alex and his dad made on our new, indoor wash-pack room this week. It's always fun to watch drawings extrude into the third dimension; what was just a sketch last week now has walls.

Meanwhile, Bekah, Alex, and Corie are also on a charge to finish turning over the rest of the greenhouse beds in time for April transplanting. They hope to get as much done as possible before our most energetic (loving, smiling, quirky - I'm talking about Bekah, in case that wasn't clear) team member departs for her long (6 month) walk along on the Pacific Crest Trail. Given that the Bekah to Normal Human energy ratio is something like 1:10, we may have some transplanting parties on the horizon. Keep an eye out if your finger nails are feeling a bit too clean from a winter out of the dirt.

In the farm store this week we have some extra kale and braising mix from Jericho Settler's Farm on sale for $5/bag. We're also excited to start to stock our pork fat, also on sale, which is easily rendered into nutrient dense lard -- an excellent source of Vermont made fat.  Learn more about it from Mariah in her story below. There is only one more week until our next yoga & brunch gathering, so mark your calendar for March 18th and reserve your spot now. And, finally, Spring CSA sign-up continues, and we're hoping to close registration by March 26th! (Spoiler: keep eyes on the horizon for our summer CSA, we are dreaming up some very exciting new ideas!)

All the Love - Go play in the Snow,

Lauren & The Bread and Butter Farm Team