February 1

Freeze, thaw, freeze. The oscillations outside reflect the sense of semi-hibernation I feel at the farm right now. Days filled with introspective farm team homework assignments and long, visionary planning meetings are interrupted by interludes of weather warm enough for Alex and Bekah to hurriedly harvest the briefly thawed out greens, just in time for our CSA members’ arrival. The greens are so precious right now that I have to be sneaky about snagging just a leaf from their harvest bin. The candy sweetness of winter spinach is worth the risk.

Last week, camp registration opened and closed in the span of about ten days. Though, thinking of the infusion of life that the campers bring to the farm at the height of summer feels like a far off but fast approaching memory, it has been an energizing interruption to the frozen winter pace. In our first day of registration, over two thirds of the spots were promptly spoken for: what an incredible showing of love! And, luckily, we don’t even have to wait for summer to enjoy the brightness that kiddos bring to the land. Next week, our tribe of Village Schoolers will be back for their weekly immersion in farm and forest life. Alex and Bekah have been out on the knoll, putting the final touches on their magical woodland base-camp in anticipation of the first day of winter session.

Stepping back to planning mode: the plant team has been crop planning, puzzling through the vegetable rotation, dreaming up new varieties for experimentation, and studying up on herb and perennial cultivation. Our monthly stakeholder meeting featured a deep dive into what our roles are within this farm community, and how they can develop and grow.

And as for the food: Micro-greens are on sale in the farm store this week. They are a tender reminder of spring and the perfect complement to a hearty winter meal. We are also excited to feature grass-fed lamb from our friends over at Scuttleship Farm. And last, but not least, keep an eye out for our own woodland pork shares, which will be on sale soon. Brandon, our land and animal manager, shared a beautiful peek into the lives of the pigs on this land and their place within our farm ecosystem in his story: The Spotted Gray Mass, linked below. Enjoy! 

Lauren & The Bread & Butter Farm Team