Veggie CSA


CSA - Winter Family Share

Dates: January 9 - March 16 (10 weeks)
Pick-up Times: Tuesday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM
Pick-up Location: Bread & Butter Farm Store
Price: $225 for 10 weeks
($22.50 / week for $26 - $28 worth of food)

Our vegetable CSA is meant for families and people who love home-cooking and healthy meals. The winter shares include a variety of root vegetables, winter greens, and sometimes a prepared food like frozen basil pesto. We offer a flexible pick-up structure to help welcome those with busy schedules. 

Shares include a diversity of vegetables, and are sized and filled to ensure that our members will be able to use every vegetable. A sample winter share might include: potatoes, carrots, cabbage, winter squash, onions, garlic, swisschard or kale, and frozen basil pesto.


Winter 2018 CSA Share (prorated to 6 weeks)
135.00 225.00
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What is Community Supported Agriculture?


Community Supported Agriculture, CSA for short, is a way for farmers and their community to form a closer relationship around food. It is a model that allows community members to purchase a "share" of the coming season's harvest ahead of time. This gives farmers the financial support they need to invest in labor and seed at the beginning of the season, and helps distribute some of the risks that come along with farming. The CSA model also helps people learn how to eat more with the seasons, enjoying produce when it is truly at its peak deliciousness. One of our CSA members, Jen, creates meal plans and recipes to go along with each week's share, to help our members learn how to cook everything in their share. Our goal with our CSA is to eventually be able to provide for all of our member's food needs, always focusing on the highest quality foods and the best land stewardship practices we can. 

Our CSA members have become many of the farm's closest friends, and we truly appreciate their continued support.