The Schoolhouse

Farm Food Forest Partnership

The Schoolhouse Learning Center is a small non-profit secondary school and pre-school that is located just 1 mile from our farm.  Every Tuesday, the elementary school kids either visit the farm, venture out to our forest base camp, or stay back at the school, spending time in the kitchen where they learn to cook while preparing lunch for the whole school.  

The kids rotate through these three areas all year long. In this way, they experience the activities and chores of the farm and the changing forest ecosystem throughout all of the seasons.  Through this program we aim to build connections between how our food is grown, understanding that farms are embedded within larger ecosystems, while cooking and  enjoying nourishing food as it comes into season.

The Schoolhouse pre-schoolers and the middle school kids are also connected to the farm.  Pre-schoolers come to the farm and forests regularly with their trained teachers and the middle schoolers have individual projects and chores affiliated with the farm related to their academic topics.  

Learn more about the Schoolhouse Farm Food Forest Program Here.