Bread & Butter Farm Turns 10!

Founded 2009

The First Ten Years … Moving Towards the Next 100!

We Invite Our CommuNity to Join Us for THIS Celebration!

 Featuring Our Beautiful Food, Local Drinks, Exciting Music and Program, and a Silent Auction to Support Land Conservation Efforts

Thursday, October 17th 6-10pm

Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms

Tickets should be purchased in Advance and begin at $30.



First of all, we would love everyone who would like to come to come to our celebration!
Please choose the price point that works for you.

This ticket will cover our cost of the event. Included is dinner and drinks, live music by the Mal Maïz Quartet, and program from the Bread & Butter Farm team!

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Have a little more to contribute? This ticket covers the cost of the event and the remaining amount will go towards helping us invite more of our community to the celebration!

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This level helps us with the improvements needed to fund the Blank Page Café Project so we can finish the upgrades needed to launch the café to the next level.

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This level helps us with our conservation project supporting the infrastructure needs for the new farm land (think water systems and fencing systems).

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Bread & Butter Farm is turning 10 years old! 

We can hardly believe so much time has gone by, and in many ways, it is a blink of an eye.  This anniversary marks a moment in time to stop and reflect on the hard work and determination of so many people coming together to create a community farm.  We are thrilled to be hosting a celebration on October 17th at the Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms to mark this special moment!

During the celebration, we will begin with food and drink – AMAZING food that we mostly raised and grew, along with other delicious and nutritious food from our other farm friends nearby.  We will also celebrate with Vermont drinks from Shacksbury Cider, Zafa Wines, who together make CO Cellars, wine from Shelburne Vineyards and beer from a local brewery! A truly local celebration!

We will also feature the collection of talented musicians in our community, including our own inhouse crew, as well as the festive vibes of the Mal Maïz Quartet, to help us celebrate the 10-year celebration! The program will also include exciting updates from our farm team on where we are headed and what to expect from the farm in the near and distant future.  The 10-year mark is a great time to vision the next 100 years! 

We will be pre-selling tickets in order to cover our costs and anything above and beyond that we raise, we will be putting the funds towards the long-term conservation project of the 400 acres of land adjacent to our farm. There will be a fun silent auction during the event as well.

Silent Auction

We will have a silent auction featuring fun farm products and experiences.  It will be super fun and available during the event, so bring your check books! Who could resist a private party for your family with Mister Chris?  Or a private event for your adult friends at the farm? Or a delectable meat share, or perhaps Mike’s specialty coffees and treats every week of the year?  Silent Auction items will be unveiled leading up to the event!


September 2009 – Corie and Chris, along with former farm partner Adam Wilson, purchased the land from the Leduc Family
2010 – May marked the GRAND OPENING of the Farm Store and Bakery – we offered raw milk, bread, and veggies
2011 – Our First Grass Fed Beef was ready for sale and we launched “BURGER NIGHT”, Partnership between the University of Vermont and the Farmer Training Program began
2012 – Camp Bread & Butter is launched, Chris launched “Music for Sprouts” and taught the first several years of classes in the bakery
2013 – Partnership between The SchoolHouse Learning Center began
2014 – 5 year anniversary! Huge milestone and celebration
2016 – New partners joined the farm including Blank Page Café (Mike Proia) and Brandon and Stephanie Bless
2017 – We launched Village School! Additionally, we had a challenging farming year with several hardships and our community came together to support us in a time of big struggle
2018 – We gathered a group of financial partners to begin the long term project of conserving the AuClair Farm – City of South Burlington, Vermont Land Trust, Dirt Capital Partners


2020 – 2030
- Work to creatively finance the new land project and help create affordable housing options for our crew of incredible farmers and educators
- Continue to regenerate land that is underproductive through regenerative agriculture practices with ruminants and organic methods and mob grazing systems
- Create fair wages for all employees and business owners who work on the farm
- Create membership models for our customers that offer (nearly) full diet offerings by expanding our enterprises and building the necessary infrastructure (water systems, fencing, barns, greenhouses, gardens, etc)
- Continue to develop innovative educational programs for our community including elders

Thank you all for coming! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!