Community Supported Agriculture at Bread & Butter Farm

June 21 - September 27 (15 Weeks)

Thursdays, from 3-6:30 PM

Now offering Omnivore & Vegetarian Shares

Eating is how we learn about our landscape, how we share experience with loved ones, and how we nourish our bodies. At Bread & Butter, we prioritize cultivating our extended farm community to share these experiences with us. We are grateful to be at a point where we feel confident and excited to begin evolving how our CSA works -- to get to know our members better, and to share a real sense of  connection and reciprocity to this land. 

Our long term goal is to create a year-round, full diet, free choice CSA experience in which members have access to a wide array of the highest quality foods, and have total choice as to what products they want to take and in what quantity. We also envision a CSA that provides an amazing, community oriented pick-up experience for our members. We are beginning to take small steps towards this in our 2018 Summer CSA, you can read about some of these changes below. We are thrilled to be starting this transition and hope that you joins us! 

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Eat with us! 

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