Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

We are thrilled to be offering Papa’s Catch Salmon from Bristol Bay Alaska again this year!  

Josh Pierson of Papa's Catch Salmon runs a 32-foot gillnet, 4 person boat during the summer salmon run in Bristol Bay Alaska. There, he and his crew line catch delicious, sockeye salmon. The fishery is intensively managed ensuring a sustainable and continuous harvest for years to come. 

The fish are prepared, vacuum packed and flash frozen at very low temperatures within 24 hours of catch. This ensures peak freshness and flavor necessary to enjoy high quality and nutritious salmon on the east coast.

Sockeye salmon plays a nutritious and delicious role in our diets, especially during the winter months, providing essential nutrients like high omega-3 fatty acids. We feel good that although the fish is coming all the way from Alaska, it is a thoughtful supplement to our local and sustainable Vermont diet.

In the farm store we sell salmon fillets packaged in 0.75 - 1.25 lb fillets for $18.49/lb.  Our 10 lb salmon shares offer a significant discount with a $2/lb savings compared to the price of individual fillets.