Our Work

Our work is to re-imagine a collaborative working landscape that takes care of the soil, microorganisms, plants, animals, farmers, neighbors, and community that depend on this land. Through this work, we engage all members of our community in real and meaningful ways. We provide healthy, ecological food and products as well as joyful experiences that reaffirm our connection to each other and to our environment.

Core Principles

We work collaboratively with all the humans who are part of the farm team honoring each and every role and our past, current and future generations.

We honor the history of the land and surrounding landscape including the past, current and future owners and neighbors of our land.

We constantly ask questions of the land and ourselves as to what are good ways to work with the land and animals and people who are living here.

We make decisions about land and animal management that hold the highest level of respect and reverence for the soil, plants, and animals.

We are repairing and building a multi-generational community so that people at all stages of life have a place and a role on this land.