The byproduct of this approach to land stewardship is the highest quality food we can provide. Not only is the food delicious, but healthier and more nutrient-dense than what is sold in grocery stores. We produce the highest quality meats - 100% grass-fed, mob grazed beef, woodland soy-free pork, and organic no-till vegetables, and are experimenting with new value added products like pesto and ferments, seasonally. We sell our food out of our farm store, as vegetable and meat shares through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, and through our weekly summer event, Burger Night.

We also partner with other nearby farms and purveyors to offer some additional products through our farm store and as part of our menu at Blank Page Café.

We love to cook and are committed to sharing nourishing recipes for preparing our food. Take a look at our recipes page for some inspiration. Keep an eye out for our upcoming cook book, which is coming directly from the experience of our CSA members!