Camp B&B LIT Registration 2019!!!


Welcome to the Leader in Training Program at Bread & Butter Farm!

We're so thrilled you've made it here.

What is the LIT Program?

LIT stands for “Leader in Training”.

Our LIT program is one of the most important pieces of our summer camp season. We deeply believe in the inherent ability of teenagers to make powerful positive change in the community and the broader world and we see you, our LIT's, at the heart of our summer camp program. The bridge that you can create between campers and staff is a key piece to solidifying a whole community. You can really see it too. The kids will be drawn to you at times and curious about who you are, wanting to get to know you, and simultaneously, at times the staff members will lean on you for support, ideas, and energy!

As an LIT, you will help us in creating safe spaces and exciting opportunities for our campers. Many of you will also create deep friendships with your peers, and all the while, are guided by our incredible staff and mentors towards rekindling your inherent connection to the land that we live on.


The LIT program runs in conjunction with the 8 weeks of Camp Bread & Butter. Each week we have a maximum of 5 LIT's. As an LIT, you are expected to attend our pre-camp staff training in order to develop relationships with our camp staff and gain a full understanding of our camp culture. During a typical camp day, our LIT's can be found doing anything from prepping farm fresh snack, leading a game of soccer, teaching a workshop on friendship bracelet making, running our weekly camper farm store, or engaged in a group discussion around land ethics and social justice (for example). It is not uncommon for an LIT to be leading a farm chore to a small group of campers, or be found in the hoophouses harvesting green beans!     The day is as diverse as the individuals in the program and yet the overarching rhythm is set and includes some of the following: morning meeting, guilds, LIT hour, lunch, EGG, farm chores, and much more (see below for detailed daily flow).  

Who is this right for?

Our Leader in Training Program is designed for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15. This is an incredible opportunity for those with no prior leadership experience AND those with plenty of experience.

We seek teenagers who are willing and ready to be active role models in our community, representing some of our core values such as: acceptance, tolerance, enthusiasm, creativity, play, and hard work. We are a community accepting of all backgrounds, race, religion, faith, gender, and identity. We keep our staff to camper/LIT ratio small so that each LIT can receive a breadth of opportunities as well as individualized support. This program is meant for folks who want to get a taste for responsibility and a HUGE does of summer fun!

Our camp is held nearly entirely outside (excepting any dangerous weather), so, this is for those of you who can be ready to go in all types of weather.


What can you expect?

As an LIT, you are expected to attend our pre-summer Staff Training (a full day of orientation and preparation, group games, learning about camp and its traditions, and much more). In the summer itself, we expect you to arrive to camp every day by 8:30 to join the full camp staff in morning meeting to get ready for the day ahead!

You will help run morning farm chores which include greenhouse work, animal chores, grounds keeping, and snack prep. You will be expected to co-teach, with the support of a camp staff member your own guild, and will be a HUGE part in helping run our EGGs (Epic Group Games) that happen once a week.

As an LIT, you are encouraged to design your own “leave your mark” wooden square, and have the opportunity to create your own individual interest project during your time in the program. Throughout a week of camp, LIT's are given the opportunity to engage with Bread & Butter Farmers and other guests during LITSHOP (LIT + Workshop). Some examples of LITSHOPS include: learning the ways of pastured pigs, primitive fire methods, tomato trellising, veggie season extension, soil health, how to write your own song, gluten free/grain free baking and nutrition, and much more!

LIT Daily Flow

8:30 Arrival for pre-camp morning meeting
9:00 Campers arrival! LIT's help greet and play
9:30 Morning Meeting
10:00 Chores: LIT lead with support of camp staff
10:45 Snack
11:00 Guild 1: LIT lead or in support role
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Sit Spot: a time to sit solo somewhere on the land and ground down, calm the mind, and get to know the magic and nuance of one particular spot
1:00 LIT Time: LIT's get to hang out, read, journal, work on individual interest project
1:45 LITSHOP: For the next hour, LIT's practice hard skills and soft skills working with one another, farmers, and special guests.
2:45 Full camp snack
3:00 Help run free time with campers
3:15 Full camp closing circle

LITSHOP Schedule

Monday: Greenhouse Work: learn how Bread and Butter Farm grows veggies all year round and participate in harvesting, bed preparations, and veggie chores!

Tuesday: LIT sacred fire on the Knoll and discussion

Wednesday: Guest/Farmer lead workshop: topic varies from week to week related to weekly theme

Thursday: Help camp staff run our famous EGG (Epic Group Game)

Friday: LIT's will prep and run the camper farm store!

Summer 2019 Weekly Schedule and Dates

Week and Theme                                                            Date                                                      Wednesday LITSHOP

Week 1: Artisans                                                         June 24-28                         Environmental Art

Week 2: Farmer In Training                                         July 1-5                                       Farming 101

Week 3: Music                                                                July 8-12                            Making Farm Fresh Meal Plans

Week 4: Athletes                                                          July 15-19                               Optimizing Body and Mind

Week 5: Farmer in Training II                                     July 22-26                                        Farming 201

Week 6: Herbalism                                                 July 29-August 3                                   From Field to First Aid Kit

Week 7: Wilderness Explorers                                 August 5-9                                   Ancient Fire Methods

Week 8: Legends and Lore                                         August 12-16                                       The Hero's Journey

 We are so excited to answer any questions you may have about the program, and are now accepting registrations for Summer 2019!