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The Hub of the Wheel: A Benefit Cabaret

Bread and Butter Farm is Proud to Host:

The Hub of the Wheel: A Benefit Cabaret Celebrating Women at the Center of the Story

Shows Thursday March 21st at 6:30 and 8:30 pm

Tickets $10 advance, $15 day of (100% of sales to benefit Wheels for Women)

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SAKHI (Crisis Intervention Center and Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence), is an initiative of the Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India. The center aims to lend a helping hand to women and children who face harassment, torture, suicide, and sexual and domestic abuse on a daily basis. The emergency drop provides counseling, care, and protection for these women 24/7.

The Crisis Intervention Center requires vehicles for cases of emergency. Most of the victims are trapped in unsafe situations, and the center receives requests from either the community or the police department to pick up stranded individuals from all over the town. Often women call the center in order to be rescued from their own homes. In some cases, rescued pregnant women require immediate medical attention and need to be transported to hospitals or other service centers.

Wheels for Women, co-founded by a performance professor at Ithaca College, works in partnership with the Sakhi Shelter for victims of domestic violence in Kerala, India to provide shelter residents and community members with the training necessary to become licensed auto rickshaw drivers (like taxi drivers in the U.S.). Through this training, abused women and victims of the sex trade gain the job skills needed to work towards financial independence and away from their abusers.

Over the last seven years, Wheels for Women has hosted benefit cabaret performances with senior Theater majors at Ithaca College. As the organization has grown, and many of those students have become performing artists around the country, Wheels for Women has turned its attention towards hosting cabaret fundraisers in each state.

Enter Bread & Butter, a woman-owned and operated farm proud to host the Vermont iteration of this fundraiser. A collaboration between the farm, the Tischler family, and Alanna J. Smith (graduate of Ithaca college) has produced “The Hub of the Wheel:” A Benefit Cabaret Celebrating Women at the Center of the Story. The program, organized by Smith, will feature songs and poems written from women’s perspectives, and celebrate the enduring strength and power of women around the world.

Accompanied by Carl Recchia (CVU High School) on piano, Jacob & Ethan Tischler, Alanna Smith, and other guest artists are delighted to offer an inspiring evening of art and music. They are thrilled to have an opportunity to craft something beautiful together, and share it with the community for the benefit of women on the other side of the globe. We hope you will join us and celebrate this work!