Community Supported Agriculture at Bread & Butter Farm

June 21 - September 27 (15 Weeks)

Thursdays, from 3-6:30 PM

Now offering Omnivore & Vegetarian Shares

Eating is how we learn about our landscape, how we share experience with loved ones, and how we nourish our bodies. At Bread & Butter, we prioritize cultivating our extended farm community to share these experiences with us. We are grateful to be at a point where we feel confident and excited to begin evolving how our CSA works -- to get to know our members better, and to share a real sense of  connection and reciprocity to this land. 

Our long term goal is to create a year-round, full diet, free choice CSA experience in which members have access to a wide array of the highest quality foods, and have total choice as to what products they want to take and in what quantity. We also envision a CSA that provides an amazing, community oriented pick-up experience for our members. We are beginning to take small steps towards this in our 2018 Summer CSA, you can read about some of these changes below. We are thrilled to be starting this transition and hope that you joins us! 

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2018 Summer CSA Shares

Details and Changes to our SUmmer CSA Program! 

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Share Options

Omnivore ShareS

(vegetables + Meat)

Includes an Assortment of Organic Veggies +
2 lbs of our Grass-fed Beef or Woodland Pork per week
(+ some Organic Chicken from neighboring farms). 
$695 / Season

Vegetarian Shares

An assortment of organic seasonal veggies
$345 / Season


Our shares offer an assortment of fresh vegetables throughout the season with the specifics of each weekly share dependent upon what is in season.  The majority of all crops in the summer share are grown on the farm between our hoop houses and keyline gardens, with occasional supplemental vegetables from our friends at neighboring farms.  Check out examples of sample shares from past years below, and read about our veggie cultivation practices here

In addition to fresh veggies, the omnivore share will include our nourishing and sustainably-raised grass-fed beef, woodland pork, and Organic chicken from neighboring farms. Specific cuts will change from week to week, so members will enjoy a wide variety of delicious options, like: Shoulder Roast, Chuck Roast, Shank Steaks, Flank, Flap, Skirt, Sirloin Steaks, Ribeye, T-Bone, Short Ribs, Bones, Organs, and limited ground beef (more coming in the fall). We will offer recipes and samples at the pick to help members get used to unfamiliar cuts and inspire ideas. 

We are thrilled to begin to offer the omnivore share. Animal and land stewardship are at the heart of our work, so this is a natural and long-awaited step for us. This share will eventually take the place of our bulk beef and pork shares, which we anticipate will help us to better plan our animal herd size, annual meat sales, and further develop relationships with our community of folks who eat from this land. Click here to learn more about our animal management practices, and how they contribute to long term land health. 


When: The new summer share will run from June 21 - September 27, which includes 15 weeks of food. 

Pick-Up Time: CSA share pick-ups will be once a week, every Thursday from 3-6:30 pm. We are happy to make accommodations for weeks when you cannot make our normal pick-up event. 

Pick-Up style: The majority of our vegetables will be pre-harvested and set out market-style under our pavilion. Members will fill their shares based on what's available and abundant. We will provide guidelines about how much of each crop to take, with an eye towards incorporating choice and flexibility  for members who want to tailor their shares to reflect what they will use and what they love most. In the future, we hope to transition to a free-choice model in which members decide which crops to take and in what quantity.  

New Pick-Your-Own Gardens: We are also excited to incorporate pick-your-own (PYO) harvesting into our CSA membership. This works best for certain produce, like cherry tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cut flowers, and string beans. PYO helps us out a lot by lessening the amount of up-front work we must do to prepare our CSA shares. It also means we don't over or under harvest, which reduces our waste. We also know that many of our members love the chance to spend time in our gardens and hoop houses, hanging out with the plants, and picking their favorite foods. We see this as great opportunity for members to get to know us and the farm a little bit better. We will have some PYO crops pre-harvested for those who don't have time during the pick-up window. 

Recipes & Storage Information: We are committed to helping our members use and enjoy all of their food. Friend of the farm and integrative medicine practitioner Jessica Morrison will be sharing recipes inspired by each week's share. Members will also have access to our library of past CSA inspired recipes, organized by vegetable. 

Packaging: Part of our motivation to consolidate our CSA pick-up into a weekly event is to reduce packaging. We encourage members to bring reusable bags and containers to fill up with veggies!  


Produce availability will move in concert with the season. Look below for examples of our vegetable offerings at different points through the growing season. Specific availability will always change year to year and depend on factors like weather and the other variables that come along with growing food. Members will receive a weekly e-mail that will outline what will be in their upcoming share, along with recipes and tips for cooking inspiration. 


June Sample Share

Peas, Head Lettuce, Escarole, Salad Mix, Garlic Scapes, Cucumbers, Scallions

August Sample Share

Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Salad Mix, Cabbage, Onions, Swiss Chard, Choice of Culinary Herbs

July Sample Share

 Peppers, Tomatoes, Kale, Salad Mix, Fennel, Parsley, Green Garlic