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The Village School at Bread & Butter Farm

We are thrilled to announce the Bread & Butter Village School to begin this Fall, for the 2017-1018 school year! Village School will be offered every Wednesday at our farm and forests for kids grades 1-5 (Ages 7-11)

Contact Us

Email: education@BreadAndButterFarm.com
Phone: Corie (802) 922-5349


* Wednesdays 9am-3pm
* September 13 - December 13 and February 7 - May 30, 2018
* @ Bread & Butter Farm in Shelburne


Our program tuition is $1750 for the school year. To register please fill out this application.

Download Application


Village School is an opportunity for kids to come to our farm and forests every Wednesday during the school year for the entire day. During these days, they will sink into the rhythm of farm life and the natural world where their classroom is our farm and over 100 acres of forest, fields, pastures, savannahs, and marsh in Shelburne, VT.

The Village School will give kids an opportunity to experience life on a thriving farm and develop the essential skills of being part of a community. Kids will learn to care for the land that sustains us by participating in raising and growing food, preparing the meals that we eat, and learning the skills necessary to be self-reliant and strong. We hope to help the kids develop a sense of ownership and care of the land as they learn more deeply about it and all it has to offer.

The Village School will combine farm chores and farm projects with exploring our surrounding woods and wild lands. We celebrate that farming has a necessary place in our lives as humans, while also remembering and honoring the wild areas. With a deeper understanding and appreciation of both, our farms and wild lands can be more similar and respected in the same ways. We can learn from the wild areas on how to more gently cultivate the farms. We will cultivate a culture of respect, love, curiosity, tradition and openness, to build a healthy Village. Our mentors will engage kids through meaningful work and games emphasizing the interconnectedness of humans with each other and our surrounding natural community.

The program provides a basic routine and rhythm that kids can count on and learn, while allowing for our days to naturally unfold and bring surprises and adventure.

The range of activities and skills include traditional skills, farm chores, free play, problem solving, team work, connection to the land, games, connection to our food and connection to Vermont natural history.


The kids will participate in the harvesting, and caring for the food growing on the farm. By engaging the kids directly with the food that people eat, we aim to develop a love for eating healthy food from the land. This will be a central theme of the Village school. We view food as a vital component of this program and of our humanity. We will teach the kids the nourishing qualities of fresh food while caring for the land and the animals that provide for us.


Unstructured free play is an important part of growing up. It is a vital component of a child's development and often the first thing lost as their days become busier. Free play helps kids develop self-advocacy skills and learn to work collaboratively while stimulating creativity. It creates space for kids to discover areas of interest and pursue what they are passionate about. As a main component of village school, free play will be a part of our daily routine as we explore the farmstead and surrounding wild lands.


Traditional skills are those that have been passed from one generation to the next throughout human history. They provide a direct and meaningful connection to the natural world, and serve to empower and fuel creativity. At the Village School we will practice all kinds of traditional skills, from wild edible foraging to friction fire building, wood carving to cordage making, and many things in between. We will focus on what can be derived from the land around us as a means of better understanding our relationship with our environment.
Daily Flow Example
Basic Overview
Chores - Guilds - Lunch - Explore time - Sit Spot - Gratitude - Fire


9:00: Arrival
-Gathering circle, check in, gratitude around farm fire pit
9:30: Farm Chores
10:00: Group Game
10:30: Snack time and Guilds
12:00: Lunch

12:45: Clean up

1:00: Fox Walk into Forest Base Camp
1:15: Free/explore time

2:15: Sit Spot

2:30: Story Catcher

3:00: Pick-up 


Traditional Skills: Fire building, shelter and forts, cordage making, wood crafts
Farm Skills: Harvesting and planting, animal husbandry, ideal food storage conditions
Naturalist Skills: Plant and Animal identification, soil health and building, observation, refelction
Community Member: Team building, problem solving, team work, communication, conflict resolution, trust, gender
Play: Physical health, climbing, playing, running, hiking, strength, games

Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Saturday 8am-1pm