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Burger Night

"Drifting from the hills of central Vermont, Bull & Prairie shares a melodic sound rooted in the ambiguous traditions of indie rock, freak folk, Americana and straight up rock 'n' roll; with a twist. They have a broad and complex electric sound that takes these traditions in different, and often interwoven directions. Lyrically their songs often speak to the dichotomies of life; the beauty and the pain that we all experience and share. Bull & Prairie consists of four players busy with life in its many different forms. Each has carved out the time for their common love of creating and playing music. In 2012, Evan self-recorded and released an album of songs he had written over the previous 5 years; 'Full Moon, Dark Places'. The process of making the album helped him develop his musical ideas into a more coherent sound. This album also served as a musical starting point for the formation of Bull & Prairie. Evan (Guitar, vocals) and Ryan (Drums, vocals) began playing around with several songs early in the summer of 2014. Ryan's wealth of experience playing in other bands (Great Western, The Porters, & many others) and arranging songs, has added great depth to the sound. Soon, Bill (Bass) and Nate (Keys) were brought into the project to broaden and expand the sound and direction of the band. As a band, Bull & Prairie has developed a full and complex sound that is naturally inspired by the music of other artists and traditions, but is at the same time its own unique creation."

Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Saturday 8am-1pm