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Burger Night

The Meat Packers

Meat Packer Bio…(by Nick Cowles himself)

Here it goes. We started playing together in the mid 1990s, probably 95. Peter had just started playing Bass, Kevin played guitar but he was no where near as good as he thought he was, and Nick had just started playing mandolin and had been writing songs and had played in a band before but pretty much sucked at it. We also had Charlie Graham in the band at that time but he is no longer with us, rest his soul. We were mostly just friends getting together once a week to play music. We all liked to sing and tried to figure out harmony parts and laughed a lot. A lot of laughing...and swearing...and bad jokes. It was kind of a surprise to all of us when we actually got enough songs together to play out somewhere. So for the next 20 years, we've had way more than our share of fun playing countless gigs in all kinds of awesome places. We've even had a song Nick wrote aired on "Car Talk" Yeah, we are that famous!!! Oh yeah, and Mike Scott has now been gracing our band for almost a year with his multi talented, multi instrumented, extremely handsome self. He plays so many instruments and we're hoping someday he'll actually get good at one of them!!! Even though he's only a young sprout, he's added hugely to our band. So, thats it, thats our Bio.

Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Saturday 8am-1pm