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Guidelines to keep in mind while attending Burger Night

May 02, 2013

Here are a few things we want all Burger Night attendees to know!
1. We recommend that you bring your own picnic supplies like chairs and blankets. We have a limited amount of chairs and tables and most folks set up shop on the grass.

2. Thanks for buying your dinner when you come to Burger Night! We serve our burgers, hot dogs, black bean burgers, and salads. We also sell non-alcoholic beverages and desserts. To respect the hard work that goes into crafting farm fresh food, we politely ask that outside food not be brought onto the farm.

3. The only parking available for Burger Night is in our designated parking lot. When this lot is full, that is all we can take into the event. Please carpool and come with your entire party. If the lot is full, unfortunately we cannot allow in part of your party if they arrive later. There is NO parking along Cheesefactory Road.

4. We accept cash, check, and credit cards!

5.Although we love dogs, we canít allow them at Burger Night. Please leave dogs at home. Guests with dogs unfortunately cannot be allowed on the farm, for the safety of your animal, our animals, and our guests.

6. Please pay attention to signs around the farm. Please stay out of all barns, buildings, equipment sheds and have kids stay off tractors and other equipment. There are many electric fences around the farm and they are on. Please stay away from all electric fences and assume they are hot. We are a working farm and it is our first priority that everyone stays safe!

7. We don't sell alcohol at Burger Night. Thanks!

Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Saturday 8am-1pm