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The Story of Bread & Butter Farm
Bread & Butter Farm was a vision that took over 2 decades to manifest. Corie Pierce grew up in southern NH and began working on a farm as a teenager. She fell in love with farming at Barker's Farm in Stratham, NH and began scheming how someone who didn't grow up on a farm makes a farm happen. After 7 years of working for the Barkers and falling more in love with growing food for the community, working as a farm team, and seeing the impact of building community through food, she solidified her desire for having her own farm some day.

The real and large challenge of purchasing land and starting a farm from scratch delayed things for, well, a long while. In the meantime, Corie worked as a teacher, another passion, and deepened her knowledge around farming organically and integrating animals into a farm system (her time at Barker's was just in veggie, berry, and flower realm). She finally decided to take 6 months to train in organic farming at the University of California Apprenticeship in Organic Farming in Santa Cruz, where she met many inspiring young farmers. She met her former business partner there, and the two of them envisioned a farm in Vermont. The two of them made their way back east, and through the help of the Vermont Land Trust along with the Leduc Family, the vision of the farm that had been dreamt about for literally years, began.

Bread & Butter Farm began in September of 2009. The vision included a collaboration and synergy of many enterprises, all working together to build the health of the soil, the plants, the animals, the farmers, the neighbors and the local community. Bread & Butter Farm originally had veggies, milk, beef, pork, and a bakery. Slowly they built opportunities for kiddos to engage on the farm in the form of camps and partnerships with local schools.

As Corie's passion for bringing kiddos to the farm grew, and as her family grew, this part of the farm naturally expanded. Corie's partner, Chris Dorman, who is also known as Mr. Chris, began a beautiful music and movement program for little ones called Music for Sprouts. Music for Sprouts spawned a culture of families and little ones coming to the farm weekly. The farm also began their infamous Burger Nights in the summer on Friday nights. Burger Nights are a celebration of all the food that is raised and grown on the farm - the 100% grass-fed beef burgers, side salads from the gardens, and music - taping into Mr/ Chris's passion and talent around music. Chris and Corie deepened their desire to build community through BOTH food and music, and Burger Night became the main way to make that dream reality.

The farm continues to evolve and change. The bakery that was once here moved off the farm and is now Running Stone Bread based in Huntington, VT. A new bakery moved in called Blank Page Cafe. BPC is owned and operated by Mike Proia and he features delicious performance coffees and teas, and incredible grain free and gluten free breakfast and snack baked goods. Mike's Cafe is a perfect fit for the farm as more and more visitors and coming for Sprouts and to shop at the Farm Store, now folks can pick up a delicious beverage and baked good. Our vision here is to eventually expand into more full breakfasts and lunches as we build our septic capacity and permits to allow for this type of expansion.

All in all, we are building a community hub where folks of all ages and backgrounds can come get their food that they know has been raised in the most intentional way - where we have done the best we can to assure that we are building the soil and the health of the land, we have cared for the animals in the most humane way possible, we have raised the animals in a way that most mimics a natural, wild setting, and we care for all the farmers who work the land in the best way we can. It is a work in progress always, and we know we will continue to evolve and change as we need to.

Thanks for visiting our farm - whether you come to the farm store to buy some food, the cafe for a treat, for camp for your kids, for Burger Night in the summer, for Music for Sprouts for your little ones (and you!), or just to walk around and visit the new piglets in spring. We look forward to seeing you and helping be a model showing where food comes from!

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