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Our Products


*You can find our fresh bread in our farm store and several local grocery stores.

*We raise 100% grass-fed, humanely raised beef.

*Our pork is sold as hotdogs at Burger Night.

*We grow fresh greens for our farm store all winter and a variety of veggies in the summer.

*We also sell local eggs from our farm store.

FARM STORE: Our Farm Store is located in the bakery so when you visit on Fridays, you will see the bakery in full action and smell the wonderful smells of the fresh bread. We focus our energy of selling our products from the farm on Fridays and encourage people to come to the farm to pick up a warm loaf and our other goodies. Fridays are the most stocked and then Saturdays we are also open.

In the winter, we sell our greens, bread, and some cuts of meat from the freezer. We also have eggs from other local farms, root veggies from other organic farms, and maple syrup from Buck Mountain Maple.

In the summer we have a wider selection of veggies and all of the other products listed above. We sell most of our meat at Burger Night, through Healthy Living, and then in 30lb boxes in the fall to our members and other customers who inquire. We will have a limited selection of cuts available in the farm store freezer.


Much of our beef and greens is sold wholesale through our local partner, Healthy Living Grocery. Most of our bread is sold through several groceries including: Healthy Living, City Market, Shelburne Supermarket, Hunger Mountain Coop, Putney Coop.

We are open:
Fridays and Saturdays
9am - 6pm

Fridays are our biggest farm store day! Come when the bread is warm!

Come for our fresh greens like kale, spinach, cilantro, and parsley grown all winter long!

We also carry root veggies, maple syrup and our own fresh Bread, and pork.

All around the barns and Farm Store, animals are grazing, crops are growing, and we are working. It is rare to visit the farm and not run in to one of us! Please feel free to walk around the farm. Please be cautious of the electric fences and stay on the paths in the gardens.

Mailing List

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Farm Store and FOOD CLUB


The way the Food Club works is simple. You pay upfront - $300, and you receive a debit card that you "swipe" in the farm store every time you make a purchase. The card is valued at $315, so you get an additional 5% credit for paying up front. Each week, you receive a special email with a list of all the veggies and other products that will be available in the store that weekend. We also offer to our Food Club members first dibs when we have Beef Boxes available.

Your Food Club Card is also redeemable at BURGER NIGHT! So, you can just swipe your card at Burger Night.

The Card never expires, so no sweat on how fast you use up your balance!

It is super convenient for folks who travel or who may not get here each week.


We are open:
Fridays and Saturdays
9am - 6pm

Come try our whole grain, naturally leavened breads!

We also sell our greens and other veggies and maple syrup.

Education on the Farm and Private Burger Nights

We began a partnership with Schoolhouse Learning Center called "Farm, Forest, and Food". The K-5th grades come to the farm every Tuesday to work and engage on the farm, explore the woods, and cook lunch made with healthy, farm fresh food. We are thrilled to have the kids on the farm each week!

We offer "Private Burger Nights" for your group's special event. Tents are needed for groups over 45 people. Indoor space is available in our bakery for up to 45 people.

Our farm is a special place to celebrate and to gather and give your guests the quintessential Vermont experience while enjoying the freshest, tastiest food!

Booking 2014 Dates now!

For more information please contact Corie Pierce at breadandbutterfarm

Burger Night 2014!

Join us this summer on a Friday evening for our weekly Burger Nights! We offer our 100 grass-fed beef burgers, black bean burgers, awesome salads, and great live music.

All aspects of our farm come together at Burger Night. We raise the beef, grow the veggies, bake the buns, and commune with lots of music in our lives....so, join us for wholesome, good fun!

We will open in May once things warm up and dry out!

SEE YOU IN MAY 2014! Stay tuned for KICK OFF DATE