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100% Grass Fed Beef Shares NOW AVAILABLE
We are excited to be offering again our 15Lbs and 30Lbs mixed beef share boxes!  Our boxes are a mix of cuts from our beef including ground, steaks (ribeye, tenderloin, NY strip), roasts (chuck, shoulder, short rib/shank), sirloins, and bones for bone broth.  Our beautiful beef animals are born, raised, and processed right on our farm and we practice intensive rotational mob grazing which means not only is our herd the most healthy and happy they could be, the soil and pastures thrive and grow well with this type of management. 

30lbs share

15lbs share

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Why purchase a beef share?

Our 30lbs share offer 10% discount off of our retail pricing for individual cuts in the farm store and the 15lbs share offers a 5% discount price.  Plus, in the share you receive amazing recipes, a jar of delicious and nutritious bone broth (with recipe!), as well as free entry to one of our cooking classes and dinners!  We are passionate about building community around the food we raise and grow on our farm - join us!

More about our shares and our beautiful animals
These beautiful animals have lived their whole lives on Bread & Butter Farm, moving through our pastures grazing and foraging. Our beef herd, managed by Brandon Bless, thrives under his gentle “herdsman-ship” as is demonstrated in their calm behavior and natural instincts that exemplify a close-to-wild lifestyle as part of our land's ecosystem.

Managing animals to mimic their wild ancestry and reintegrating herbivore herds into our ecology, allows us to work with the animals as colleagues in effective and regenerative land management. By moving the beef herd 2-3 times daily, the cattle actually build soil, sequester carbon, and restore the water cycle as they move across the landscape. They do this by fertilizing as they graze, foraging and trampling appropriate quantities of grasses and herbs, and browsing shrubs and tree leaves. This interaction respects the co-evolution of these plants and animals and stimulates the growth of favorable plant species and the productivity of the soil life underfoot. Under this management, our cattle take in almost all of the nutrition their bodies need from our land. We supplement their diet only with essential minerals not available in our land's soils and geology in the form of sea kelp (primarily iodine), salts, and other micro-minerals such as selenium. Collectively, this diet and lifestyle keeps our animals happy and healthy without the need for intervention or medicines.

Additionally, we have worked with Green Pasture Meats, led by Dylan Barrows, to harvest our animals here on the farm in the pastures where they lived. This greatly reduces the animals' stress at the end of their life, and as stewards of the land and managers of the animals, we are extremely passionate about raising the animals with their WHOLE life in mind.

One of our rewards for our relationship with the land and cattle is absolutely delicious beef. Because our animals eat a nutrient-dense diet while living an active lifestyle their meat has excellent marbling and tenderness. We are able to harvest their meat at the peak of quality. Simply put, this excellent, nature-inspired management and harvest timing results in the highest quality beef you can find.

We have 30lbs shares and a 15lbs shares now available. Both contain a mix of ground beef, steaks (rib eye, tenderloin, NY strip), roasts (chuck, shoulder, short ribs/shanks), bones for making bone broth, and sirloin. Included in both shares are a complimentary pint of homemade bone broth (healing, delicious, and nutritious), recipes for the various cuts and the bones, and a free pass to a cooking class and dinner (tickets to our cooking class are $50).

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