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100% Grass Fed Beef Shares NOW AVAILABLE

We’d like to make your ordering both easy and streamlined as well as flexible so you can get what you are most interested in getting! So, we have a few options to offer you.

OPTION 1: Large MIXED Share - $295
30lbs Mixed Beef Share – this is the best “deal” in terms of price per pound for our shares! This share is a mix of all the types of cuts we offer and is designed for folks who are excited to have a freezer full of a mixed variety of cuts, ready to try new recipes and figure out how to use everything! In this share we include: ground beef, high end steaks (tenderloin, rib steaks, strips), sirloin steaks, roasts (chuck, brisket, or short ribs), bones for bone broth, stew meat (roast meat that is pre-cubed). $295.00 – comes out to just over $9/lbs or about 15% off our retail prices.

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OPTION 2: Small MIXED Share - $165
15lbs Mixed Beef Share – similar to the 30lbs in terms of variety of cuts at a smaller amount! Great for a nice, wide spectrum of variety of cuts to try. Included will be: ground beef, steaks (a few different types), a few roasts like chuck, brisket, short ribs. $165 – just under $11/lbs or about 12% off our retail prices.

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Ground Beef Only! You pick the amount! Packages come in 1lbs packages. Our retail price is $8.50/lbs in our farm store.
10lbs - $75 ($7.50/lbs)

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15lbs box of roasts! Included are: 1 chuck roast (2-4lbs), 1 brisket (2-4lbs), shanks (3-5lbs), short ribs (2-4lbs), 2 packages of stew meat (1lbs each). This is 10-15% off our retail prices for roasting/stew meat!

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15lbs STEAKS! This share is for steak lovers! You will receive tenderloin (2-3lbs), Rib Steaks (3-4lbs), sirloin steaks (4-6lbs), and either flap, skirt, hanger, or flank (4lbs). This is 10-15% off our retail steak prices!

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100% Grass Fed Beef from Bread & Butter Farm in Shelburne, VT
Thanks so much for your interest in our beef! Our animals are born, raised, and slaughtered right here on our farm here in Shelburne, VT. Our animals are “land managers” and work with us to build the soil and health of our land. We move them 3-4 times daily to give them fresh pasture constantly and to leverage their hoof activity and fertilizing ability as they move across our farm’s landscape. Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished, we do not use hormones, antibiotics, or other non-organic approved medications or practices. They are treated humanely and cared for deeply by all of us and our neighbors and community who surround the farm.

When it comes time to process our animals, we have used a few different processors in Vermont. We have worked with Green Pastures Meats, who operates a mobile slaughter unit that they will bring right to the farm and we are able to have the animals processed right here on the farm. We also work with Vermont Livestock Slaughter and Processing in Ferrisburg, as well as Royal Butcher in Royalton.

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


Please read this letter to give more clarity to a recent press release issued by FSIS and the USDA.

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