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Camp Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-3:30pm

Before Care
and After Care
Available for $10/hour

Week 1

June 19-23

Week 2

Farmers In Training
June 26-30

Week 3

Wilderness Explorers
July 5-7

(3 Days)

Week 4

July 10-14

Week 5

Farmers In Training
July 17-21

Week 6

Legends & Lore
July 24-28

Week 7

July 31-August 4

Camp Bread & Butter Themes
We believe organizing our summer weeks into themes allows new and returning campers alike a fresh lens for experiencing the infinite array of opportunities that the farm land provides. However, please note that each and every week of camp will cater to every kind of camper, whether artist, athlete or future farmer. While we recommend looking towards themes your kiddo is most excited about, rest assured that any session of camp will contain the full spectrum of themes, grounded in the experience of life on the farm.

This week will focus on cultivating our creative spirits! From flower crowns to fairy houses, paintings and necklaces, we’ll explore different ways of bringing our imaginations out into the beauty of the world around us. Artisans week will culminate in a craft fair showing off your hard work and ingenuity.

Farmer in Training
This week lies at the heart of our summer program. FIT week offers you the opportunity to dig into life on our farm, taking on new learning roles and responsibilities. You'll learn about soil and produce, livestock and dairy, you'll encounter all the beings that make our farm come alive and you'll even team up to manage your own mock farm!

Wilderness Explorers
In this three day intensive session, camp will take to the woods! We’ll re-wild ourselves by practicing wilderness survival skills such as orienteering, fire building, and foraging, singing songs and taking time to become comfortable in the mysteries of the forests and lands to which we belong.

This week will spotlight the relationship between the land we live on and the food that nourishes us. We'll have the opportunity to follow food production all the way from soil to table, learning how to harvest, clean, prepare, and use new cooking skills all the way to a camp produced meal!

Legends & Lore
For would be thespians, bards and wanderers, Legends & Lore week will offer us creative room to write, experience and perform tales tall and small. This week of camp will focus on the world of the story, allowing you to access your dramatic gifts, whether in story craft, production, performance or all three!

Calling all Olympians! Athletes week at the farm will spotlight heroic deeds of strength, speed and stamina. From whiffle ball to archery, basketball to croquet, we invite athletes of all sizes and abilities to come play and train with us but, most of all, to have fun.

Camp Staff
We keep a 5:1 camper to staff ratio and our counselors possess a diverse array of unique skill sets. We hire our staff with the goal to create a safe and enriching summer experience wherein each camper's interests are valued and supported in a nurturing, and magical community. We hold up to date CPR/First Aid certifications, and each of us possess various levels of medical certification ranging from Wilderness First Responder, Backcountry Rescue. And, we even have a professional nurse who lives at the farm and will be participating in camp in various ways.

Daily Flow
Our daily flow is an important piece of our summer camp. Our whole community participates in this grounded routine which provides a sense of comfort for all and great potential to effectively illuminate the beauty all around us. Here you'll find a typical daily flow, with some aspects flexible to change:

9am Arrival
9:15 Gathering Circle: silly songs, skits, talk about the day, announcements
9:45 Farm Chores
10:30 Snack
10:45 Guild 1: guilds are our self-directed activities that last for about one hour. Each counselor offers a guild ranging from archery, comic book creation, improv, farm band, cooking, harvesting and A TON MORE!
11:45 Gather and prep for lunch
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Free play
12:45 Sit Spot: sit spot is the one time of the day during which we allow campers to be alone in their own quiet space to take in the farm and their surroundings. This lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to 15. Some campers like to lie in the grass, others prefer to read a book from home or the farm library, and others enjoy working on word searches, drawings, or puzzles. Sit spot has become a Camp B&B favorite! We make sure all campers have their own space, but are relatively near to one another so that we can all maintain safety and inclusiveness.
1:00 Guild 2
2:00 Snack
2:15 EGG/or Finale Prep: EGG stands for Epic Group Game which ranges from Capture the Flag, our beloved "Farm Quest" or our favorite and legendary GOLD RUSH. Finales happen on the Friday of every week and are our way to capture and portray for you, the families and friends, our weekly theme. To give you a sense, our finales include, B&B Olympics, Harvest Meal, B&B Coffee House, Craft Show and more!
3:00 Free Play
3:20 Closing Circle
3:30 Pick up

** It is important for us to mention that our youngest campers, 5 & 6 year olds, do participate in full-camp Gathering Circle, farm chores, lunch, and Closing Circle, but we do create a slightly more age/energy appropriate experience for our youngest ones. We believe multi-age activities are KEY to creating a more multi-generational community, but also honor the various developmental stages of our campers. You can be assured that all ages experience enriching, stimulating, unique and diverse opportunities and activities every single day!

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


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