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December 2011

Beautiful Skies are best when shared

December 13, 2011

Over the past two years we have learned one thing that cannot be denied: We have beautiful sky above us. Sunrise to Sunset we have witnessed vibrant colors turning the Green and Adirondack Mountains into majestic silhouettes. The stark contrast between dark clouds and blue sky reminds us that change is always imminent. Walking up and down the long driveway we share with Maurice and Mary Leduc I imagine us here in 50 years and cannot help but walk slower. I stroll intentionally so as to not miss a detail of our the passing time most evident in our growing kiddos. Through storms, sunny days, and now nearly 30 cycles of the moon we have been blessed by beautiful sky. And lucky for us we have captured a few of these moments above and a whole lot down below on our cameras.

We decided to share them this year with handmade cards in time for the holidays and perfect for any time.

Here are a few to view. More are available in our farm store.

Happy Holidays!

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