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November 2011

The Village Press brings beauty to B and B

November 30, 2011

Beauty in the name of the game in VT. Folks flock from all around to take in our landscapes and other natural, awe inspiring, sights. Beauty is what brought our families here and what called to Brittany Witt now from Shelburne. Previously, Britt lived with her family in Arizona. Matt(Husband), Noah(son), and Gabi(daughter) form this wonderful team that already has made an impact on this area by simply observing and enjoying what exists all around them. However, as I like to say, what comes in must move through and explode in a creative eruption of never before seen beauty and elegance. (I guess I don't really say that but now I have)

Take a look at what Vermont has inspired Britt to create. And this is just the beginning!

These aprons and more are available at our Farm Store!

More info direct from the creator:
Size: small This group of Aprons measure about 26-28 inches long.

All of my aprons are hand made with quality fabrics, a unique design, and with an old world vintage style. Each apron has a completely different color/pattern combination along with a distinct picture applique. They also come with a slightly longer neckline and a pin for individual sizing.

I find great joy in handpicking each apron and putting together their individual looks. I make these for woman who are looking to pretty up their chore time and to help them feel smitten with their home and role within it. When I come home from a long day away and am facing a blank kitchen, I love to throw on my favorite apron and let the dinner creativity begin!

Each order will arrive in tissue and wrapped in a bow for a sweet delivery.

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