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July 2014

Burger Night Parking Policies and Guidelines

July 02, 2014

As we reach our parking capacity on the farm there are a few priorities and very important guidelines we would like to restate very clearly for all.

We are hoping we can count on you, our most constant and loyal supporters, to help us spread the word.

* Safety for all who attend and work at Burger Night
* Courtesy to our direct neighbors
* Amazing food and the best service we can provide for our community

* Parking is only permitted in our designated parking field
* There is no parking permitted on Cheesefactory Road
* If you see our PARKING LOT FULL sign posted please keep driving to keep the flow of traffic on Cheesefactory Road moving
* Please do not turn around in our neighbors' driveways

Now, we understand that many of our community members meet friends and family at Burger Night. And, when you arrive at Burger Night and you see our lot is full that it can be very disappointing and sometimes hard to coordinate a change in plans. However, when our parking lot fills, (on our busiest nights usually between 6 and 6:30), there is just no safe parking available and our event is at capacity.

Our PARKING LOT FULL sign will be visible from the road. You are welcome to continue driving and check back again later to see if there is space. Often, a few spots will open again closer to 6:45 or 7pm. And, on many nights our parking lot does not fill.

We can also recommend the ArtsRiot Truck Stop on Pine St. in Burlington as another outdoor food and family event.

Thank you following these guidelines to help make Burger Night safe and pleasant for all.

And, if you can, PLEASE CARPOOL!

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm