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June 2013

How much does it cost to go to Burger Night?

June 01, 2013

Cost is always one of the first questions on our minds when we are trying something new with our kiddos. I think the first one overall might be, "Do they have to be quiet?" Since we host many families, folks on a tight budget, and perhaps a few dicker and dealers I thought it would be nice to outline the effect Burger Night has on your pocket book, check book, or piggy bank while bringing to forefront the overall value of your on farm eating experience.

So the best deal hands down is our:

Dinner Plate
This includes a 1/3 pound Grass-fed Cheeseburger or Vermont Beancrafters Black bean Burger served on our fresh baked buttery buns, and (2) delicious side salads, plus Flack Family Farm Kraut, onions, greens, and condiments to dress your burger as you please. This is a full plate of food and it is about as fresh as food can be. We'll prepare a dinner plate for you to the tune of $12.50. (plus meals tax)

Dinner Plate Double
If you want to double up your beef or black bean patty, call it $16.00 (plus meals tax)

Beyond those deals you can piecemeal your meal by ordering from our a la carte menu. This includes cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, black bean burgers, hot dogs, and side salads plus sodas, Aqua Vitea Kombucha, cookies from August First and O'Bread, popsicles from Adam's Berry Farm, and more as we move on through the season.

Once you have filled your plate the way you like it and you are out on the lawn settling in you start to see the true value of your dinner. As you munch you can see right where most of your food came from, plus your kiddos can run around, you can meet up with a ton of friends, and everything is made sweeter by the sound of amazing live music on our brand new stage.

What I'd do if I was attending Burger Night with my family.
(2 adults and 2 kids)

I'd walk up and order a Dinner Plate Double, a Dinner Plate, a hot dog, two drinks and two tickets for popsicles that we could redeem and eat later. I'd cut one double burger in half for my lady and me and split the salads. The I'd cut the other burger in fourths, encourage my kiddos to eat as much as they can of that and the hot dog and salads. I'd enjoy my food and watch as the kiddos finish half their plate knowing I have dibs on the leftovers. As soon as my belly was not so full we'd call the kids for popsicles and hope for a taste or two of those as well. On our hungriest night we'd be out just over $40 to feed four, have a bit left to tip the band, and we'd gain an experience we'll never forget.

We'd love to hear your favorite way to enjoy Burger Night. Post your ideal meal ticket on our Facebook Page and win a chance to eat your meal on us.

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