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June 2011

Take a leap into Feta!

June 15, 2011

This Friday, at Burger night we will be swimming in Salad Mix. You will have a Spicy Mix and Mild Mix option. Whatever your taste is you will most certainly want to try adding Does' Leap Feta cheese.

Does’ Leap is an innovative, diversified organic farm specializing in a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses. In an effort toward greater sustainability and self-reliance, much of our farm work - including plowing, harrowing, spreading manure, and firewood collection - is accomplished with two draft horses. The farm is located in northern Vermont in the heart of the beautiful green mountains with close proximity to Lake Champlain.

That is straight from their website which is www.doesleap.com

Our personal experience with Does' Leap Farm is with the owners and operators, George Van Vlaanderen, and Kristin Doolan. They are more like gems than people, and their farm management practices are inspiring. We are so excited to feature their feta this Friday. All we have to do is keep from eating all before then.

First Burger Night!

June 06, 2011

Last Friday was a gem of an evening for burgers. When we decided to go forward with the idea of hosting a Burger Night at the farm we had a vision of what it might be. It seemed like a good idea to combine good food, with good music and good people. No amount of dreaming and scheming could have prepared us for how wonderful this first evening went. I needed to step out to run an errand at the beggining of the event. There was one car in the driveway and the grill was warming up. When I returned there was almost no room left for parking and a line 30 people long to order! Thanks to everyone who made it out and brought your friends with you! Thank you to Amy bacon for grilling up tasty burgers, and to Soulgrass for providing sweet sounds for all of us to listen to. What I loved most of all as I took a moment to take it all in was the diversity in age of the attendees. From 9 weeks to 90 years it seemed we all were having fun! Tom Bacon took some video of the band and Jarret Frankel shot a few photos of the event. Here they are for you to view and share, and we will see you all next week!

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