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May 2011

Bread and Butter Farm Bets on Basics - by Sally Pollak

May 17, 2011

SHELBURNE — Henry Dorman, 3, led a visitor through an old dairy barn at Bread and Butter Farm the other day, to the newest animals on the farm: a pair of lively and affectionate barn kittens.

Things are sprouting all over the 143-acre farm on the South Burlington-Shelburne border. Spring greens are coming, and Jersey-Brown Swiss calves are nursing.

A new baby, the human kind, arrived not long ago: Samantha Dorman, Henry’s little sister, is 1 month old. Their mother, Corie Pierce, runs the farm with her business partner, Adam Wilson.

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Spring Milk Mustache

May 03, 2011

Spring time brings with it change everywhere you look. As gray bursts into green here on the farm we notice the change at every meal. Our milk is beginning to take on that classic springtime taste. As the cows begin to eat fresh grass on pasture, replacing their winter diet of hay, the milk sweetens just a bit and you can notice a slight change in color, usually more yellow or orange.

Spring time is also calving season on most dairy farms and our herd is growing as well. We welcomed our 12th and 13th heifer (female) calf in a row last month and we are expecting one more any day now. When a cow is at the beginning of her lactation cycle she produces the greatest volume of milk. That being said, we have plenty stocking the shelves of our farm store right now. Most of our milk is pre-ordered by customers who come weekly to pick up their milk, but you will notice on the top shelf of our cooler, half gallon jars with blue labels. That milk is for sale 7 days a week from 9 to 6 to anyone who happens in.

By the way, I dare you to send in photos of you with a milk mustache. Sure, it's been done before, but Bread and Butter Farm Milk is like the Burt Reynolds of dairy assisted facial hair.

Post your photo on our Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/breadandbutterfarm

Hoophouse Rebuild

May 01, 2011

What a wonderful work party at the farm today. Some fourteen of us made incredible progress on rebuilding our hoophouse that collapsed in a snowstorm March 6th. As each bow was lifted into the air and put in place a sense of rejuvenation filled us, and as each bolt was fastened to its one true nut we felt that rejuvenation locked into place as if it is here to stay.

Thank you to all of you who helped today. We are well on our way to year round production once again.

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