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April 2014


April 18, 2014

Food Club

It is simple.

You pay $300
and receive a debit card
with $315

We get the honor to provide local, nutritious food for you
and you get an additional 5% credit for supporting your local farmer.

Just "swipe" your card in the farm store every time you make a purchase
and the amount is debited from your account.

As a food card member you will receive a special email each week with a list of all the veggies and other products that will be available in the store that weekend. We also offer to our Food Club members first dibs when we have Beef Boxes available.

And now, your Food Club Card is redeemable at BURGER NIGHT!
Swipe and Dine!!

Your card never Expires so you can shop when it makes sense for you.

For more information please write to us at foodcluborders@gmail.com

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April 10, 2014

In the fall of 2013, we launched an amazing partnership with the Schoolhouse Learning Center, located in South Burlington, right around the corner from the farm. We started a program called, "Farm, Forest, and Food". This three tiered program engages the kids every Tuesday where they either are at the farm doing projects like harvesting (and eating a lot of) kale and spinach, or planting seeds, or they are exploring the woods playing "Eagle Eye" and tracking animals in the snow and mud, or they are back at school cooking a meal made with farm fresh ingredients that they then serve to the rest of the school that day.

I am thrilled to have kids getting more deeply engaged at the farm. A farm is where I first truly experienced hard work, problem solving, appreciation for healthy food, and where I felt connected to my community. It is so exciting to have the Schoolhouse kids here and learning and experiencing!


April 10, 2014

We have loads of new baby cows. 16 Mamas are due this spring, and as of April 10, we have had 11 so far. All have been healthy and vibrant. They always amaze me as to how quickly they are up and running around the barn yard. It is their mamas who are much more tense and nervous! These mama cows are great mamas, and we love that our cows get to be mamas! These babies will be suckling from their mother for over 6 months through the grazing season before they are weaned.

Now, we are just anxiously awaiting the grazing season to start. We are hoping to begin grazing in 2-3 weeks, we are hoping to not run out of hay before then! With the extended winter, it seems unlikely grazing will start on time, but the weather has surprised us many times before! Just waiting for that frost to move out of the ground...

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