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February 2016

Henry's Dairy at Bread & Butter Farm

February 25, 2016

Henry's Dairy is now offering Raw Milk Shares from Grass-fed Jersey Cows who call the pastures of Bread & Butter Farm home.

Reserve Your Share!

1 Quart/Week
1/2 Gallon/Week
1 Gallon/Week
1.5 Gallons/Week
2 Gallons/Week

Our pricing structure is as follows:
$5.50 per half gallon
$3 per Quart

Monthly Share Price is Weekly Volume x 4.2 weeks
(the avg. amount of weeks per month each year)

Save $1 per Gallon when you order 2 or more Gallons/Week!

At Henry’s Dairy we strive to make raw milk accessible to those who are unable to travel to our farm. We have recently begun a delivery route in Chittenden county and Northernmost Addison county.

If you would like milk delivered to your area and don’t see your town on our list please email henrycammack@gmail.com to discuss possible deliveries.

A special note to our community about Adam and the bakery moving off the farm...

February 15, 2016

Hello friends,

It was August of 2009 when our business plan was chosen by the Vermont Land Trust and we were invited to purchase and become stewards of the beautiful pastures, woodland, and farm structures that you know now as Bread & Butter Farm.  For a hundred plus years before that day it was known as the Leduc Farm and as we clearly stated in our original plan we intended to continue the legacy of the Leduc family by tending to this land and nurturing a community network of people who made this opportunity possible and who would continue to appreciate it and all that it can provide.

We are writing today with appreciation for your incredible support over this first 6.5 years and with excitement to continue our work towards these passionate goals amidst a big change here on the farm.

Bread & Butter Farm has been owned and operated by Corie Pierce and Adam Wilson with their families since its beginning.  Corie has been the lead on Vegetable Production, Educational Programming, and Community Events like Burger Night while Adam has been the lead on Pasture Management and Baking.  

This March, Adam will be moving his bakery operation off the farm to continue his passionate exploration of Whole Grain Sourdough Breads as Running Stone Bread.  (Our last bread delivery from Bread & Butter Farm will be Friday, February 26th.)  Adam will be offline for a couple of months while he sets up his new mobile bakery (housed in two shipping containers!) which will land in Huntington and will likely be ready for business in mid-May.  Adam is combining the best of what we offered here at Bread & Butter Farm as well as the line of breads he offered as Vermont Grain Project at the Burlington Farmer's Market, other local outlets, and of course right here in the Bread & Butter Farm Store.

Corie will continue forward as sole proprietor of Bread & Butter Farm and will be bringing many new projects and collaborations online in the coming months. The Farm Store will continue to grow and offer tender greens and veggies year round, 100% Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Local Organic Chicken as well a more diverse variety of breads and baked goods, dairy products and artisan goods.

Henry's Dairy at Bread & Butter Farm will begin milk production in May and will be offered as shares and in the farm store.  Bekah Gordon will be taking on a larger role as director of Camp Bread & Butter, now offering 5 weeks of Summer Camp for ages 5-12.  Brandon and Stephanie Bless will moving onto the farm as Brandon takes on the role of Pasture Manager and they both help to guide the vision for the future of Bread & Butter.  And, Chris Dorman will continue his work with Music For Sprouts and Burger Night and will be supporting Corie through this transition with extra effort towards community outreach, marketing and distribution.

Though we are saddened to be moving forward as two separate businesses we will continue to support each other and we know in our hearts that Bread & Butter Farm and Running Stone Bread will continue to grow and thrive.  Our confidence comes from knowing that we are a part of an incredible community of people who care deeply about where their food comes from and the folks who are producing it.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!  If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to email us.

Corie Pierce - breadandbutterfarm@gmail.com, www.breadandbutterfarm.com
Adam Wilson - runningstonebread@gmail.com, www.runningstonebread.com

Corie, Chris, Adam and Erik

Spring 2016 Veggie CSA Shares NOW AVAILABLE!!

February 08, 2016

Spring 2016 CSA Dates: April 4 - May 28

Our veggie CSA is designed to be flexible - pick up will be M-F from 9-6. It is designed to cater to busy families and busy people who care about home-cooking and healthy meals, but need to be realistic in preparation time and items they assuredly can use! It is also designed to be your, eh hem, "bread & butter" of your veggie eating, your baseline staples for stocking your fridge! Because pick up is at our farm store, you can always fill in your shopping with other items that you and your family love!

PRICE: $180 for 8 weeks

Purchase Spring 2016 Veggie CSA Share

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up:

1) You will be guaranteed to get weekly delicious, nutritious greens and seasonal veggies! (Hard to do in a cold climate!).

2) Flexibility on pick up timing (M-F, a all day long available for pick up).

3) Support our farm/local farms during the winter months when our cash-flow is lowest.

4) Build community around food! Be part of our farm, and all the partner farms we work with!

5) HEALTH! DELICIOUS FOOD! Think of it like the best possible supplement to your family health care plan - you know you eat your share each week, you know you are eating well!

Sample Share:

Fresh Herbs

Please feel free to inquire about more details on the share!

Grass Fed Beef Shares Available Now

Our mixed cut beef shares are back! We are super excited to be offering our delicious and nutritious beef in convenient 15 lbs. and 30 lbs. shares. Fill your freezers with a wide variety of beef cuts including ground beef, rib/tenderloin steaks, sirloin steaks, roasts (chuck, brisket, top round), short ribs, stew meat, soup bones, and more. Our cows are raised humanely and are fed a diet that is 100% grass through intensive rotational grazing practices. We raise Red Angus beef and their meat is delicious. Pick up will be first week of January. We will arrange the specific pick up date with you.

15lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $165
30lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $315

Purchase Grass Fed Beef Share

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


Please read this letter to give more clarity to a recent press release issued by FSIS and the USDA.

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