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Fall 2016 Veggie CSA Shares

March 13, 2016

Fall 2016 Veggie CSA

Our Fall Veggie CSA is designed to be flexible - choose a pick up time M-F 9am-6pm. It is designed to cater to busy families and busy people who care about home-cooking and healthy meals, but need to be realistic in preparation time and items they know they'll use! 

FAMILY SHARE: $180 for 8 weeks 
That is only $22.50/week for $26-$28/week worth of nutritious veggies!

Sample Share and more info COMING SOON!:

Purchase Shares starting Thursday, September 1st!

If you have questions please feel free to call or email!

Corie Pierce
(802) 922-5349

Henry's Dairy at Bread & Butter Farm

February 25, 2016

Henry's Dairy is now offering Raw Milk Shares from Grass-fed Jersey Cows who call the pastures of Bread & Butter Farm home.

Reserve Your Share!

1 Quart/Week
1/2 Gallon/Week
1 Gallon/Week
1.5 Gallons/Week
2 Gallons/Week

Our pricing structure is as follows:
$5.50 per half gallon
$3 per Quart

Monthly Share Price is Weekly Volume x 4.2 weeks
(the avg. amount of weeks per month each year)

Save $1 per Gallon when you order 2 or more Gallons/Week!

At Henry’s Dairy we strive to make raw milk accessible to those who are unable to travel to our farm. We have recently begun a delivery route in Chittenden county and Northernmost Addison county.

If you would like milk delivered to your area and don’t see your town on our list please email henrycammack@gmail.com to discuss possible deliveries.

A special note to our community about Adam and the bakery moving off the farm...

February 15, 2016

Hello friends,

It was August of 2009 when our business plan was chosen by the Vermont Land Trust and we were invited to purchase and become stewards of the beautiful pastures, woodland, and farm structures that you know now as Bread & Butter Farm.  For a hundred plus years before that day it was known as the Leduc Farm and as we clearly stated in our original plan we intended to continue the legacy of the Leduc family by tending to this land and nurturing a community network of people who made this opportunity possible and who would continue to appreciate it and all that it can provide.

We are writing today with appreciation for your incredible support over this first 6.5 years and with excitement to continue our work towards these passionate goals amidst a big change here on the farm.

Bread & Butter Farm has been owned and operated by Corie Pierce and Adam Wilson with their families since its beginning.  Corie has been the lead on Vegetable Production, Educational Programming, and Community Events like Burger Night while Adam has been the lead on Pasture Management and Baking.  

This March, Adam will be moving his bakery operation off the farm to continue his passionate exploration of Whole Grain Sourdough Breads as Running Stone Bread.  (Our last bread delivery from Bread & Butter Farm will be Friday, February 26th.)  Adam will be offline for a couple of months while he sets up his new mobile bakery (housed in two shipping containers!) which will land in Huntington and will likely be ready for business in mid-May.  Adam is combining the best of what we offered here at Bread & Butter Farm as well as the line of breads he offered as Vermont Grain Project at the Burlington Farmer's Market, other local outlets, and of course right here in the Bread & Butter Farm Store.

Corie will continue forward as sole proprietor of Bread & Butter Farm and will be bringing many new projects and collaborations online in the coming months. The Farm Store will continue to grow and offer tender greens and veggies year round, 100% Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Local Organic Chicken as well a more diverse variety of breads and baked goods, dairy products and artisan goods.

Henry's Dairy at Bread & Butter Farm will begin milk production in May and will be offered as shares and in the farm store.  Bekah Gordon will be taking on a larger role as director of Camp Bread & Butter, now offering 5 weeks of Summer Camp for ages 5-12.  Brandon and Stephanie Bless will moving onto the farm as Brandon takes on the role of Pasture Manager and they both help to guide the vision for the future of Bread & Butter.  And, Chris Dorman will continue his work with Music For Sprouts and Burger Night and will be supporting Corie through this transition with extra effort towards community outreach, marketing and distribution.

Though we are saddened to be moving forward as two separate businesses we will continue to support each other and we know in our hearts that Bread & Butter Farm and Running Stone Bread will continue to grow and thrive.  Our confidence comes from knowing that we are a part of an incredible community of people who care deeply about where their food comes from and the folks who are producing it.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!  If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to email us.

Corie Pierce - breadandbutterfarm@gmail.com, www.breadandbutterfarm.com
Adam Wilson - runningstonebread@gmail.com, www.runningstonebread.com

Corie, Chris, Adam and Erik

Spring 2016 Veggie CSA Shares NOW AVAILABLE!!

February 08, 2016

Spring 2016 CSA Dates: April 4 - May 28

Our veggie CSA is designed to be flexible - pick up will be M-F from 9-6. It is designed to cater to busy families and busy people who care about home-cooking and healthy meals, but need to be realistic in preparation time and items they assuredly can use! It is also designed to be your, eh hem, "bread & butter" of your veggie eating, your baseline staples for stocking your fridge! Because pick up is at our farm store, you can always fill in your shopping with other items that you and your family love!

PRICE: $180 for 8 weeks

Purchase Spring 2016 Veggie CSA Share

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up:

1) You will be guaranteed to get weekly delicious, nutritious greens and seasonal veggies! (Hard to do in a cold climate!).

2) Flexibility on pick up timing (M-F, a all day long available for pick up).

3) Support our farm/local farms during the winter months when our cash-flow is lowest.

4) Build community around food! Be part of our farm, and all the partner farms we work with!

5) HEALTH! DELICIOUS FOOD! Think of it like the best possible supplement to your family health care plan - you know you eat your share each week, you know you are eating well!

Sample Share:

Fresh Herbs

Please feel free to inquire about more details on the share!

Grass Fed Beef Shares Available Now

Our mixed cut beef shares are back! We are super excited to be offering our delicious and nutritious beef in convenient 15 lbs. and 30 lbs. shares. Fill your freezers with a wide variety of beef cuts including ground beef, rib/tenderloin steaks, sirloin steaks, roasts (chuck, brisket, top round), short ribs, stew meat, soup bones, and more. Our cows are raised humanely and are fed a diet that is 100% grass through intensive rotational grazing practices. We raise Red Angus beef and their meat is delicious. Pick up will be first week of January. We will arrange the specific pick up date with you.

15lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $165
30lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $315

Purchase Grass Fed Beef Share

January 24, 2016

NOW HIRING - Counselor for Camp Bread & Butter

January 18, 2016

Camp Bread & Butter is seeking counselors for summer 2016! Camp Bread and Butter is a summer camp situated at the beautiful Bread and Butter Farm in the Champlain Valley. You will spend five weeks with us Monday through Friday working to create a fun-loving, creative, energizing, challenging, and inspiring week for our campers! We work with campers ages 5-12, offering a slightly separate half-day program for our youngest campers, ages 5-7.

We have designed an experience centered around rhythm and routine with an equal emphasis on flexibility and adapting to the energy of a given moment. Our days are full with the workings of a farm, land-based interaction, and community/leadership training. What this means, in a nutshell, is that our campers do everything from archery, harvesting vegetables, making pesto and homemade ice cream, playing large games of Capture the Flag wearing naturally-dyed bandanas, singing, learning the art of fire building, exploring woodlands and fields, taking on daily farm chores, feeding and interacting with our animals, learning to run a farm stand, and much more.

While our camp is designed to be fun and to work with campers’ passions, we equally value teaching through role modeling what it is to be a thoughtful and compassionate member of a community and how to respect the land.

We expect our staff to help each child understand their vital role at camp and to positively embrace each child’s unique spirit. Everyone at Camp Bread & Butter should be able to find comfort and acceptance while being given the opportunity to push themselves to try new things and feel proud of who they can be. We hold each and every individual accountable for their actions.

You roles will vary from collaborating during morning staff meetings, designing and implementing your own courses to lead, supporting campers in their activities, leading large & epic group games, and tuning into the structure and rhythm that our camp days follow.

You will need a basic understanding of First Aid and need to be at least 18 years of age.

*Each week of camp has a special theme, yet each week is designed to always offer a wide range of farming and wilderness based experiences, open and enjoyable for campers of all interests.

Week 1: June 27-1 B&B Naturalists
Week 2: July 5-8 B&B Athletes
Week 3: July 18-22 B&B Farmers in Training
Week 4: July 25-29 B&B Artisans
Week 5: August 1-5 B&B Playhouse

Please send a simple introduction and resume to Bekah Gordon - mishkameister@gmail.com.

We will be hiring on a rolling basis and are aiming to get positions filled as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

NOW HIRING - Head Counselor for Camp Bread & Butter

January 18, 2016

Camp Bread and Butter is a summer camp situated at beautiful Bread and Butter Farm in the Champlain Valley. In our third year now, we are searching for a passionate, self-driven, dedicated individual who is excited to deepen a program that is in its earlier stages. This program has huge momentum and is on its way to growing into something dear to our community.

We are looking for someone who will possess a deep care and interest in our campers. This individual may be able to offer their own sets of outdoor/survival/wilderness skills, crafts, etc. or is sincerely eager to practice and learn some! We offer camp to kids ages 5-12 and, depending on enrollment, will be offering a slightly separate half-day program for the youngest campers (5-7).

We are looking for someone who has a drive to excite kids to become the best they can be for themselves and their peers.

We are looking for someone to collaborate with us in order to not only create a FUN camp, but perhaps more importantly, a camp that instills moral values, sparks philosophical inquiries, and establishes earth-based connection for our campers and staff. While our camp days are structured around a set of core routines and patterns, at their foundation is the importance of adapting to the energy of the moment and being flexible.

We are deeply committed to creating a genuine and strong sense of community and we seek someone who can help us bring this to life. We want kids to be able to show up to camp and feel that they belong and have a deep responsibility to its wellbeing.
There’s a fine line between disciplining and talking down to a camper and we are dedicated to gracefully developing a space where the behavioral expectations and the core foundations we’ve laid are so deeply ingrained that disciplining is minimal.

We seek goofiness, creativity, and the ability to bring positive energy to the land, the campers, and the farm each day. At times you’ll need to be active and energizing, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes calm and meditative. We hope you’ll have an interest in wilderness education/skills, have first aid training, and be ready to be on a hard-working farm.

Employment Dates
*Each week of camp has a special theme, yet each week is designed to always offer a wide range of farming and wilderness based experiences, open and enjoyable for campers of all interests.

Week 1: June 27-1 B&B Naturalists
Week 2: July 5-8 B&B Athletes
Week 3: July 18-22 B&B Farmers in Training
Week 4: July 25-29 B&B Artisans
Week 5: August 1-5 B&B Playhouse

Pay is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Please send a simple introduction and resume to Bekah Gordon - mishkameister@gmail.com.

We will be hiring on a rolling basis and are aiming to get positions filled as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

Winter 2016 - Veggie CSA and Grass Fed Beef Shares Available Now!

November 17, 2015

Spring 2016 CSA Dates: April 4 - June 3

Our veggie CSA is designed to be flexible - pick up will be M-F from 9-6. It is designed to cater to busy families and busy people who care about home-cooking and healthy meals, but need to be realistic in preparation time and items they assuredly can use! It is also designed to be your, eh hem, "bread & butter" of your veggie eating, your baseline staples for stocking your fridge! Because pick up is at our farm store, you can always fill in your shopping with other items that you and your family love!

PRICE: $180 for 8 weeks

Purchase Spring 2016 Veggie CSA Share

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up:

1) You will be guaranteed to get weekly delicious, nutritious greens and seasonal veggies! (Hard to do in a cold climate!).

2) Flexibility on pick up timing (M-F, a all day long available for pick up).

3) Support our farm/local farms during the winter months when our cash-flow is lowest.

4) Build community around food! Be part of our farm, and all the partner farms we work with!

5) HEALTH! DELICIOUS FOOD! Think of it like the best possible supplement to your family health care plan - you know you eat your share each week, you know you are eating well!

Sample Share:



We will other crops (like turnips, rutabaga, storage kohlrabi) available for sale in our Farm Store.

Please feel free to inquire about more details on the share!

Grass Fed Beef Shares Available Now

Our mixed cut beef shares are back! We are super excited to be offering our delicious and nutritious beef in convenient 15 lbs. and 30 lbs. shares. Fill your freezers with a wide variety of beef cuts including ground beef, rib/tenderloin steaks, sirloin steaks, roasts (chuck, brisket, top round), short ribs, stew meat, soup bones, and more. Our cows are raised humanely and are fed a diet that is 100% grass through intensive rotational grazing practices. We raise Red Angus beef and their meat is delicious. Pick up will be first week of January. We will arrange the specific pick up date with you.

15lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $165
30lbs Grass Fed Beef Share for $315

Purchase Grass Fed Beef Share

Burger Night Menu

July 01, 2015

SPRING 2015!

April 20, 2015

Wow, it took a while, but it really is finally here!
Things are slower than usual, but, as we have learned in the past (last year!), things tend to catch up quickly even with a late spring. We hope!
We have lettuce, peas, beans, parsley, new kale growing in the greenhouses, should be ready in a few weeks. We have tomatoes, peppers, squash, cukes, scallions and more in plugs still growing before we plant them out...but we are ready to get them planted! We have been harvesting the spinach, kale and cilantro like crazy for the last 2 months, but those crops are nearly done and we are anxious to rip them out and get new crops planted.

We have had 7 calves this spring. 5 heifers and 2 bull calves. The cattle are literally "chomping at the bit" to get out on pasture. The grass, like the crops in the greenhouses, are slow to get going, but we are seeing the green shoots poking through. It will come!

We are getting our ducks in a row for the upcoming Burger night season! We can't wait! We have an awesome new staff in place, with many returners from years past. We had our kick off training meeting and it was so fun to see that every person on the crew is either studying or working in the farm, food, naturalist fields! Such amazing common interests. We are so lucky to have such a good crew from year to year!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Camp Bread & Butter

January 31, 2015

Burger Night Parking Policies and Guidelines

July 02, 2014

As we reach our parking capacity on the farm there are a few priorities and very important guidelines we would like to restate very clearly for all.

We are hoping we can count on you, our most constant and loyal supporters, to help us spread the word.

* Safety for all who attend and work at Burger Night
* Courtesy to our direct neighbors
* Amazing food and the best service we can provide for our community

* Parking is only permitted in our designated parking field
* There is no parking permitted on Cheesefactory Road
* If you see our PARKING LOT FULL sign posted please keep driving to keep the flow of traffic on Cheesefactory Road moving
* Please do not turn around in our neighbors' driveways

Now, we understand that many of our community members meet friends and family at Burger Night. And, when you arrive at Burger Night and you see our lot is full that it can be very disappointing and sometimes hard to coordinate a change in plans. However, when our parking lot fills, (on our busiest nights usually between 6 and 6:30), there is just no safe parking available and our event is at capacity.

Our PARKING LOT FULL sign will be visible from the road. You are welcome to continue driving and check back again later to see if there is space. Often, a few spots will open again closer to 6:45 or 7pm. And, on many nights our parking lot does not fill.

We can also recommend the ArtsRiot Truck Stop on Pine St. in Burlington as another outdoor food and family event.

Thank you following these guidelines to help make Burger Night safe and pleasant for all.

And, if you can, PLEASE CARPOOL!


April 18, 2014

Food Club

It is simple.

You pay $300
and receive a debit card
with $315

We get the honor to provide local, nutritious food for you
and you get an additional 5% credit for supporting your local farmer.

Just "swipe" your card in the farm store every time you make a purchase
and the amount is debited from your account.

As a food card member you will receive a special email each week with a list of all the veggies and other products that will be available in the store that weekend. We also offer to our Food Club members first dibs when we have Beef Boxes available.

And now, your Food Club Card is redeemable at BURGER NIGHT!
Swipe and Dine!!

Your card never Expires so you can shop when it makes sense for you.

For more information please write to us at foodcluborders@gmail.com

Register for Food Club


April 10, 2014

In the fall of 2013, we launched an amazing partnership with the Schoolhouse Learning Center, located in South Burlington, right around the corner from the farm. We started a program called, "Farm, Forest, and Food". This three tiered program engages the kids every Tuesday where they either are at the farm doing projects like harvesting (and eating a lot of) kale and spinach, or planting seeds, or they are exploring the woods playing "Eagle Eye" and tracking animals in the snow and mud, or they are back at school cooking a meal made with farm fresh ingredients that they then serve to the rest of the school that day.

I am thrilled to have kids getting more deeply engaged at the farm. A farm is where I first truly experienced hard work, problem solving, appreciation for healthy food, and where I felt connected to my community. It is so exciting to have the Schoolhouse kids here and learning and experiencing!


April 10, 2014

We have loads of new baby cows. 16 Mamas are due this spring, and as of April 10, we have had 11 so far. All have been healthy and vibrant. They always amaze me as to how quickly they are up and running around the barn yard. It is their mamas who are much more tense and nervous! These mama cows are great mamas, and we love that our cows get to be mamas! These babies will be suckling from their mother for over 6 months through the grazing season before they are weaned.

Now, we are just anxiously awaiting the grazing season to start. We are hoping to begin grazing in 2-3 weeks, we are hoping to not run out of hay before then! With the extended winter, it seems unlikely grazing will start on time, but the weather has surprised us many times before! Just waiting for that frost to move out of the ground...

How much does it cost to go to Burger Night?

June 01, 2013

Cost is always one of the first questions on our minds when we are trying something new with our kiddos. I think the first one overall might be, "Do they have to be quiet?" Since we host many families, folks on a tight budget, and perhaps a few dicker and dealers I thought it would be nice to outline the effect Burger Night has on your pocket book, check book, or piggy bank while bringing to forefront the overall value of your on farm eating experience.

So the best deal hands down is our:

Dinner Plate
This includes a 1/3 pound Grass-fed Cheeseburger or Vermont Beancrafters Black bean Burger served on our fresh baked buttery buns, and (2) delicious side salads, plus Flack Family Farm Kraut, onions, greens, and condiments to dress your burger as you please. This is a full plate of food and it is about as fresh as food can be. We'll prepare a dinner plate for you to the tune of $12.50. (plus meals tax)

Dinner Plate Double
If you want to double up your beef or black bean patty, call it $16.00 (plus meals tax)

Beyond those deals you can piecemeal your meal by ordering from our a la carte menu. This includes cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, black bean burgers, hot dogs, and side salads plus sodas, Aqua Vitea Kombucha, cookies from August First and O'Bread, popsicles from Adam's Berry Farm, and more as we move on through the season.

Once you have filled your plate the way you like it and you are out on the lawn settling in you start to see the true value of your dinner. As you munch you can see right where most of your food came from, plus your kiddos can run around, you can meet up with a ton of friends, and everything is made sweeter by the sound of amazing live music on our brand new stage.

What I'd do if I was attending Burger Night with my family.
(2 adults and 2 kids)

I'd walk up and order a Dinner Plate Double, a Dinner Plate, a hot dog, two drinks and two tickets for popsicles that we could redeem and eat later. I'd cut one double burger in half for my lady and me and split the salads. The I'd cut the other burger in fourths, encourage my kiddos to eat as much as they can of that and the hot dog and salads. I'd enjoy my food and watch as the kiddos finish half their plate knowing I have dibs on the leftovers. As soon as my belly was not so full we'd call the kids for popsicles and hope for a taste or two of those as well. On our hungriest night we'd be out just over $40 to feed four, have a bit left to tip the band, and we'd gain an experience we'll never forget.

We'd love to hear your favorite way to enjoy Burger Night. Post your ideal meal ticket on our Facebook Page and win a chance to eat your meal on us.

Guidelines to keep in mind while attending Burger Night

May 02, 2013

Here are a few things we want all Burger Night attendees to know!
1. We recommend that you bring your own picnic supplies like chairs and blankets. We have a limited amount of chairs and tables and most folks set up shop on the grass.

2. Thanks for buying your dinner when you come to Burger Night! We serve our burgers, hot dogs, black bean burgers, and salads. We also sell non-alcoholic beverages and desserts. To respect the hard work that goes into crafting farm fresh food, we politely ask that outside food not be brought onto the farm.

3. The only parking available for Burger Night is in our designated parking lot. When this lot is full, that is all we can take into the event. Please carpool and come with your entire party. If the lot is full, unfortunately we cannot allow in part of your party if they arrive later. There is NO parking along Cheesefactory Road.

4. We accept cash, check, and credit cards!

5.Although we love dogs, we can’t allow them at Burger Night. Please leave dogs at home. Guests with dogs unfortunately cannot be allowed on the farm, for the safety of your animal, our animals, and our guests.

6. Please pay attention to signs around the farm. Please stay out of all barns, buildings, equipment sheds and have kids stay off tractors and other equipment. There are many electric fences around the farm and they are on. Please stay away from all electric fences and assume they are hot. We are a working farm and it is our first priority that everyone stays safe!

7. We don't sell alcohol at Burger Night. Thanks!

Nellie Leaves Us Today

April 24, 2013

Today we said goodbye to our cow dairy Nellie, many of you have known for many years. She has been with us for one of the longest, she was Adam's third cow and she was brought to Bread & Butter Farm from Westford when Adam and I joined together at Bread & Butter. She has been one of the main-stay milking cows and a close friend of Adam's. We have all developed a relationship with her, she had an extremely unique personality.

Over the past year or so, Nellie developed a hip problem. After she calved that year, her slightly awkward gait became problematic. There was not much we could do about it besides observe and see how it continued to progress. The vet didn't know what it meant for her, but clearly saw that her hips, especially the left one, was causing some problems. Over the past 6 months, and then especially the past 1-2 months, it became quickly worse. We knew we didn't want to breed her back, as we feared her weak hip couldn't support a pregnancy. But, then in the past month especially, it became challenging for Nellie to comfortably come into the barn for milking, with the uneven walking surface and some relatively tight turns the cows need to be able to make in the barn.

In the last 2 weeks, we quickly came to realize that things were getting worse relatively quickly and we needed to put her down. So, today we brought a friend to slaughter her on the farm, she did get to graze before, we had hoped she would graze all summer, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. So, Nellie's spritely, bossy, spunky life force left us today. It was sad to say goodbye, but also a relief for her to not have any more pain and to stay here on the farm til the end. Days like today remind us of the importance of knowing our food, thanking the animals who give us so much - milk, meat, eggs - and honoring their enourmous role in our food web and how thankful we are to them.

When Adam and I talked about the amount of milk Nellie has given to us over the past 6-7 years (she was about 9 years old), and now how much meat she will give us, it is humbling to think about how many humans she has sustained and given the most nutritious, delicious food to. It is pretty amazing. So, thank you Nellie. We will always remember your keen, intense stare. The rest of the herd has some adjusting to do, as the leader has left them today!

April 24, 2013

Dinner and a show with Luke Winslow-King

April 21, 2013

Saturday, May 25th
Bread & Butter Farm

Speaking of Luke and his band, American Songwriter says.....

"They’re one of the most professional, staunchly original, and true-to-their-core bands working today."

What do you say? Listen to Luke right now by clicking the song titles below.

“The Coming Tide”
“You Don’t Know Better Than Me”

Luke Winslow-King is a guitarist, singer, composer, and lyricist known for his slide guitar work, and interest in pre-war blues and traditional jazz. Winslow-King’s work consists of an eclectic mix, taking in delta-folk music, classical composition, ragtime, and rock and roll; juxtaposing original songs with those from a bygone era.

Whether solo, or with a band, Winslow-King offers an original sound that is both rustic and elegant. He delivers energetic and dynamic performances, with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar playing.

LWK, originally from Cadillac, Michigan, moved to New Orleans by chance in 2001. During a decade in New Orleans, he has collaborated with a revered list of local musicians, including: John Boutte, “Washboard” Chaz Leary, and Paul Sanchez.


Please make your reservations for 5:45 or 6pm by emailing breadandbutterfarm@gmail.com after you purchase your tickets.

On the menu will be:
Your choice of our grass-fed Cheeseburger
Vermont Bean Crafters Black Bean Burger (made with our own Kale)
plus Flack Family Farm Sauerkraut and the fixings,

a delicious salad from our own greens grown here on the farm, and a cookie for something sweet.

Tickets are $24 (Note there is a $1 online processing fee and sales tax does apply)

Choose number of tickets


Doors open at 7pm. Show at 7:30

Tickets are $12. (Note there is a $1 online processing fee and sales tax does apply)

Choose number of tickets

You can also buy tickets by sending a check (made out to SILO MUSIC) to:

Silo Music
500 Cheesefactory Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

Visit Luke Winslow King's official Website!

Watch Luke and Esther Rose in their new VIDEO!

Spring Is Here!

April 17, 2013

Update on the farm....
Well, despite the incredibly slow start (or repeated hurky jerky fits and starts) to the spring, there is a lot of spring-like activities happening at the farm!

For one, in the last 20 days, we have either birthed or brought in from Donegan Family Farm (organic dairy in Charlotte), 16 baby calves! They are all beef animals and they are being raised by either their mother or a nurse cow mother on milk and in pasture. They will be raised here on grass for their whole life until we process them. So, it is springing with baby cow life! My son Henry was able to be a part of 5 of the births, first time he has actually seen so many actual births, and then be around with the baby and mother for the immediate after birth time and he has been fascinated! It is wonderful. Luckily, all the "bonding" has gone relatively smoothly. Most cows have good motherly instincts, but sometimes the bonding doesn't go as well, like the mother doesn't allow the baby to nurse, or she rejects one of the calves by kicking at it when it tries to nurse. So, we have had good luck this year as most of our nurse cows have been nurse cows before and are proven to accept the babies even when they are not their own.

The greenhouses are springing too. In February things woke up and the mature kale and spinach and cilantro started growing again, albeit slowly, but March things started to take off, and now finally in April things are really moving!

We have Kale Raab - or kale tops! They are the most special, delicious veggie! They are super uncommon, because most farms do not overwinter mature kale, so when you do, this time of year they start to bolt, but because of the cold temps, they are tender and sweet and such a fun spring crop, akin to asparagus or fiddleheads, they are quick and unique! We will have them for about 4 weeks and then have to wait until next year! Try them at Healthy Living or in our Farm Store on Fridays!

We are gearing up for Burger Night!
We are aiming to begin May 17th, 24th or 31st, whichever date collides with nice weather, dry parking lot, and all hands on deck and supplies in place! So, please stay tuned on our website and voice mail for updates as we progress!

Let's hope these more normal average temps continue so things all around the farm can really take hold....like growing grass!! The cows are READY for the delicious, tender grass....

Happy Spring!

Seth and May!!!

March 13, 2013

Hello friends,

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a special concert event at our farm this Spring!!!

Join us for the return of........

Seth and May!
Sunday, April 14th
Bread & Butter Farm

Doors open at 7pm. Show at 7:30
Experience two sets of beautiful live music in an intimate listening room environment.

Tickets are $14. Advance tickets only.

To purchase tickets:
Please RSVP in advance to chris@chrisdormanmusic.com
and mail a check made out to SILO MUSIC to:

Silo Music
500 Cheesefactory Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

or you can buy online right here. (Note there is a $1 online purchase fee)


Visit Seth and May's official Website!

The Sun Is Back!

February 18, 2013

So, Feb 10th, or so, marks when the sun is BACK! Okay, we are a long way from summer solstice, but we have mad e big jump since winter solstice.

This means a lot to us winter greens farmers. There is the psychological boost - about 2 more hours of daylight is refreshing, the month of February is the shortest, again, refreshing, and then there is the typical weather patterns (what is typical, anyway?) where no matter the temperatures, the amount of sun in February tends to be much greater than December and January (and even November).

So, this means.....new growth on the over-wintered greens!! This is WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. Because the crops really spring up and start growing again, and we can start harvesting with regularity again, this is the fun time of year when all that work we did starting in early July to assure that we will have winter greens thriving in Vermont in JANUARY, that it makes it worth it.

My parents are visiting for a few days. Now, we are having yet another very cold spell. Currently, it is about 14 degrees, wind-chills are below zero. Last night was around 5 and extreme wind-chills. My dad, who has seen me grow winter greens now for many years, still needed to come over with me this morning to help uncover the crops because he needed to see with his own eyes that they were still alive and thriving. He couldn't wrap his head around these tender greens surviving and thriving in this kind of brutal weather. Sure enough, with the suns out strong today, at 10:00am, they were needing to be uncovered (inside the hoophouse, that is) and allowed to get some airflow and SUNLIGHT on their leaves. It was about 60 degrees inside the greenhouse (no added heat) and it was about 75 degrees under the secondary cover. By noon, the houses end-doors (both ends) needed to be vented otherwise it was too hot inside!! (Could get upwards of 75-80 degrees in there!). So, never ceases to amaze us that with simple hightunnel technology, we could keep greens alive and have them thrive here in the winter. Very exciting!

Healthy Living Market Partnership

February 10, 2013

In the spring of 2012, Healthy Living Market and Bread & Butter Farm launched an amazing partnership. As far as I know, it is the first of its kind, at least in this area, and shows just how committed to supporting local farms and local businesses Healthy Living is.

I was meeting with the folks in the produce department, Michael and Laurel last winter, when in our discussion about what I would be growing in the upcoming season and what they had a need for, it came up that what they really wanted was to purchase some of our winter greens. They were explaining that in the summer months, there is a plethora of veggies from all the local farms available and they just can't purchase nearly as much as the farmers have to sell. This makes sense because not only is it the main growing season but it is also a time when so many local shoppers have a CSA membership or are regular farmers market goers. So, the produce department at Healthy Living is actually slower in the summer when they have the most abundance. Being one of the only growers growing greens in the winter, they expressed their desire to be able to purchase some for their shoppers.

I expressed that I would love to sell them winter greens but that with the demand being so high, I didn't have any extra. Essentially, all I was growing was pre-sold in my other established direct markets. Then, in that conversation, I thought of an idea - I wouldn't be able to build another greenhouse until 2013 or 2014 because of cash-flow challenges and not having the capital to fund a large structure, but, I thought, if Healthy Living was willing to finance the a greenhouse, I could build one in the summer of 2012 and then by November of 2012 and through the winter, I would have greens to sell to them.

Michael and Laurel both got a twinkle in their eyes and I could see that my hair-brained idea may not be so crazy to them. They told me they loved the idea, they had no idea how the rest of the management would respond, but to give them a week to run it by the others.

An hour later, Michael called me back and told me they wanted to see a proposal and they would be ready to fund it within weeks! I couldn't believe it! Talk about walking the walk....

Sure enough, I quickly wrote up a proposal, sent it over, and within two weeks I had a check in hand and a signed contract. I immediately started working on my new summer growing plans and worked in the 3 weeks of building a new structure we would have to plan for.

So, before we even knew what hit us, we entered into a wonderful partnership with Healthy LIving where they financed the greenhouse - giving me great terms - payback didn't start until I started selling to them in November, and the interest rate is extremely low.

With my kale coming on like gang-busters this September and October, I was ready a month earlier to harvest. They happily took it and I started harvesting kale for them in early October. I was able to provide them kale all through October, November, and into early December. By then, the cold hit hard, I had harvested the plants pretty hard, and I needed to take a break from harvesting to allow the plants to grow back.

Now, in the lowest light time of year, and the generally coldest time of year, it is normal to get zero growth on the plants for about 8 weeks. At that point it is hunker down time, harvest minimally (for my Food Club and for the farmers market), and let the plants hang out, essentially like they are in a living refrigerator. It has been about 8 weeks now, and two weeks ago I started harvesting slowly again for Healthy Living. We have had some very deep freezes this winter, as well as some extraordinary thaws. So, I have had a little bit of regrowth on the kale, spinach and cilantro. But, now that we have hit the magical Feb 5th date, it is time to start growing again!

In early February, we get a big jump in light. You may have noticed how it is actually light out these days til almost 5:30! And the sun breaks dawn at 6:30ish. The light IS returning! This is critical for the plants and we will begin to see more growth quickly now. This is extremely exciting for those of us who grow in the winter.

So, I have baby kale plants and escarole, lettuce, brocolli raab, and other goodies started in my bathroom. I am getting ready to prep beds and plant these babies in a few weeks. The well-established kale and spinach will get their second wind and before I know it I will have more kale and spinach than I know what to do with!

At any rate, the partnership with Healthy LIving is an amazing one. It truly shows the connection between two local businesses and how they can support each other and both have positive gains from doing so. We have a beautiful hand-painted sign made by the Healthy Living folks to show the partnership as well as the comfort in knowing that the hard work we are doing here on our farm is being supported by a well established and successful local grocery, right down the road.

Thank you Healthy LIving and we look forward to future progress to this budding partnership!

February 07, 2013


January 21, 2013

Well, this week is predicted to be coldest stretch of weather we have had since we opened our barn doors. It is slated to be 0 or below zero every night this whole week, barely getting out of the single digits during the days. This will put several systems to the test....

First - the greens in the unheated greenhouses. They are "cozy" with their row covers hugging the ground, pulling out critical warmth from the earth below them. This radiant heat coming from the ground is captured by the internal covers, creating a small micro-climate that allows the plants to stay alive - the soil temperatures shouldn't fall below 40 degrees, so the root systems will stay alive. When I checked under the covers this morning, it was 0 outside and 40 under the covers. Surely it will fall as we get colder and colder, so it will be interesting to see how far we fall!

Second - the unheated barn. We will keep our dairy cows in the milking barn most of the days and all night. This should assure that the barn will stay around 35-40 degrees, so water lines won't freeze, and so the milkers are not expending too much energy staying warm, and can channel that energy to milk. We are buttoning up some of the windows and vents and hay bale wall we use to keep the cold out, we had to open some of those in the past few weeks when we had well ABOVE average temps. It is the swings in temps that make things a little crazy!

Third - the bakery. The bakery is located in the old dairy barn - extension. The bakery is heated and finished. We don't have much to worry about here, except how high our heating bill will rise over the next few day!!

Fourth - watering systems for our beef herd - which is located outside their shed, so we need to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't ever freeze over, not allowing our herd to freely drink. Of course our animals need to stay hydrated more than ever during these cold temperatures!

Fifth, the Pigs - we have them snuggled into a huge, deep mound of bedding hay. They pile up with each other and are totally protected from the elements. They are cozy and comfortable.

Last - US! We are warm enough, when we work we protect our digits and noses and at home, we also raise the heat slightly.

I just gave a reference for a former student of mine to work in a greenhouse company up in the Northwest Territories in Canada. When I talked to the guy on the phone he told me it was -30 or 40 with 60 kilometer winds!! When I told him it was 0 here he said, SOUNDS LOVELY!! Perspective....

Beautiful Skies are best when shared

December 13, 2011

Over the past two years we have learned one thing that cannot be denied: We have beautiful sky above us. Sunrise to Sunset we have witnessed vibrant colors turning the Green and Adirondack Mountains into majestic silhouettes. The stark contrast between dark clouds and blue sky reminds us that change is always imminent. Walking up and down the long driveway we share with Maurice and Mary Leduc I imagine us here in 50 years and cannot help but walk slower. I stroll intentionally so as to not miss a detail of our the passing time most evident in our growing kiddos. Through storms, sunny days, and now nearly 30 cycles of the moon we have been blessed by beautiful sky. And lucky for us we have captured a few of these moments above and a whole lot down below on our cameras.

We decided to share them this year with handmade cards in time for the holidays and perfect for any time.

Here are a few to view. More are available in our farm store.

Happy Holidays!

The Village Press brings beauty to B and B

November 30, 2011

Beauty in the name of the game in VT. Folks flock from all around to take in our landscapes and other natural, awe inspiring, sights. Beauty is what brought our families here and what called to Brittany Witt now from Shelburne. Previously, Britt lived with her family in Arizona. Matt(Husband), Noah(son), and Gabi(daughter) form this wonderful team that already has made an impact on this area by simply observing and enjoying what exists all around them. However, as I like to say, what comes in must move through and explode in a creative eruption of never before seen beauty and elegance. (I guess I don't really say that but now I have)

Take a look at what Vermont has inspired Britt to create. And this is just the beginning!

These aprons and more are available at our Farm Store!

More info direct from the creator:
Size: small This group of Aprons measure about 26-28 inches long.

All of my aprons are hand made with quality fabrics, a unique design, and with an old world vintage style. Each apron has a completely different color/pattern combination along with a distinct picture applique. They also come with a slightly longer neckline and a pin for individual sizing.

I find great joy in handpicking each apron and putting together their individual looks. I make these for woman who are looking to pretty up their chore time and to help them feel smitten with their home and role within it. When I come home from a long day away and am facing a blank kitchen, I love to throw on my favorite apron and let the dinner creativity begin!

Each order will arrive in tissue and wrapped in a bow for a sweet delivery.

Visit The Village Press VT Etsy store by clicking here

Burger Night: Reflection in blurbs

October 08, 2011

10/7/11 - Burger Night Reunion Week - The really real, truly true, last week

Hello friends,

As we hinted last week, our final Burger Night left us missing you all so much that we have decided to go for one more week!

A few things you should know about this special Reunion Burger Night
1. Due to the refusal of our great Sun to stop setting consistently earlier each evening (though we asked very politely) we will be running this final Burger Night from 4-6:30pm.
2. Bread and Bones will be our special musical guests. www.breadandbones.com
3. This WILL be our LAST Burger Night of the season. Promise.
4. We love phenomenons

Let us tell you about a phenomenon, real quick. Since moving to Vermont and launching our farm we have noticed that 'Bread' is often followed bythe word 'and'. You would think that Bread alone would be enough. (You WOULD think) However, we felt downright unusually drawn to adding to "Bread" with "and Butter Farm". And we are not alone. How can you deny the way your tongue feels when the words "Bread and Bones" rolls off your tongue? (How CAN you deny?) And look at what this charming grammatical phrase has produced; A trio of musicians who captivates you as they perform and see, support, and create the big picture of original music in Vermont with their Ripton Coffee House Concert Series. The series has been ongoing for 17 years,(not months but YEARS) and it is not just "Bread and" related businesses who benefit from their intentional work in VT. Look at what Barbara Ebling, Co-owner of the Ball and Chain Café in Brandon, Vermont has to say about Bread and Bones.
"They are entertainers of the first order, producing gorgeous harmonies, captivating lyrics, and witty banter. We are always thrilled to welcome them back to the Ball & Chain."
Thank you, Barbara. Well said.
If you are not convinced about our theory that the word "Bread" should be convicted of stalking the word "and" and "various other surprisingly complimentary words" then look no further than Bread and Roses CSA in Westford, VT.

Okay, we've made our point. We must go no further in this direction. The only road we know from here is to Friday. Will you join us? We'd love it you can?

--Bread and Butter Farmers

P.S. See you Friday?

09/30/11 - Burger Night: Final week! (with chance of reunion show next week)

All of the greats do it: The Beatles, Phish, Dispatch, other greats....really great greats too. They throw in the towel and then go to linen and things a year or so later and buy a special new one with rock star floral print on it.

So, here we go. We are announcing with humble and heavy hearts that tomorrow is the LAST BURGER NIGHT for this season. (Unless it is sunny next Friday) We have had an absolute blast connecting with all of you and we will miss you dearly through the cold burger-less winter months. (Or maybe we will see you on October 7th for burgers and the band Bread and Bones) And if we were to have any last words after this amazing run, with all the wild adventures still fresh in our minds, they would be this:

no wait. We almost forgot to tell you about the music this week. This is our super special possibly final outdoor show of the year.

Young Traditions Vermont presents The Irregulars and Hailana Burhans

The Irregulars are a bunch of fun-loving young musicians, ages 13-16, who play traditional tunes from Ireland, Cape Breton, Appalachia, Quebec, New England, and Scotland.
Haliana Burhans is a 15 years old from Charlotte, Vermont. She has
been studying the small pipes and whistle with local piper, Tim Cummings, for over 5 years and has traveled to Prince Edward Island and Scotland to learn and enjoy traditional folk and celtic music.

We are so excited to work with Young Traditions to feature and support these amazing young artists.

okay......so finally the finale that almost may be......

See you Friday?


--Bread and Butter Farmers

09/23/11 - Burger Night: The science of seasons

We are drawing close to the end of our season, friends. I cannot help but be a bit bummed that of the people surveyed most do not want stand in line in the snow for cold burgers. However, we do have a cozy option for you and tickets go on sale tomorrow. But first let's take a moment for life science.

As you may or may not know, Mayflies are typically insects, not amazing old time and bluegrass duos from Vermont. There upwards of 2500 species of Mayflies including some 630 species in North America. That is way more than the one species of Mayfly that is known for their warm and beautiful vocal harmonies. Mayflies, the kind that fly, have a lifespan of a few minutes to a few days depending on the species. Thankfully, Katie Trautz and Julia Wayne, the only known Mayflies that walk upright, play guitar, banjo, fiddle, and sing have life spans that are much, much longer. And, I believe that if you keep your eyes and ears open this Friday you may be able to catch a glimpse of these two somewhere around Burger Night. Often you can hear a Katie Trautz before you see her, and Julia Wayne is known to be smiling.


Now.......for our fall concert series announcement.

Heather Masse of The Wailin Jennys will be joining us in the bakery for a listening room concert on Monday, October 24th.

Michael Chorney will be bringing us his super group, Dollar General, on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Tickets for these shows will go on sale at Burger Night tomorrow. If you cannot make it to Burger Night you can email us at breadandbutterfarm@gmail.com to RSVP for will call tickets, and tickets will be for sale on our website starting next week.

Tickets are 10 dollars for each show. Showtime is around 7pm. We only have 50 seats available.

--Bread and Butter Farmers

09/16/11 - Burger Night: Imagination

Hello friends,

The theme this week at Burger night is the power of imagination. Reality's lines are blurred when you close your eyes and dream. Amazing things are possible when we set forth on this adventure. We currently study with our 4 year old guru, Henry. He has shared new truths with us such as the fact that volcanoes exist in Ohio, and toilet paper rolls give you the ability to see nearly 5 miles with perfect clarity. My point is, we will be able to see you coming this Friday. No, that is not my point.

Lowell Thompson is not an imagined truth but a seasoned performer and prolific songwriter. He has recently journeyed to Austin, TX for a long stint but finds his roots right here in VT. The imagery in his songs will be there for you when you need support conjuring your own inward journey, and his upbeat rhythm driven guitar will be there for you when you just need to move. As always the Burger Night experience will be a choose your own adventure novel. And that is my my point. I think. Yes, it is.

Volcanoes in Ohio.
Hyper sensitive recycled viewing apparatuses are cheap and available.
Burger Night is a choose your own adventure novel.

See you Friday?

Bread and Butter Farmers

09/9/11 - Burger Night: Time stands still

Hi friends,

I think we are officially in the fall portion of our Burger night season. That inspires me to reflect on Summer. Since we first fired the grill we have served you all approximately 3, 450 burgers pattied from Grass-fed beef cows raised right here on the farm. That's 6,900 buns!(If you count the top and the bottom which you should always) We've also harvested, created, and plated about 2600 salads to fill your plates and bellies full of easily digestable nutrient dense goodness. You can watch it grow while you eat it!! Not to mention (or shall we?)Cookie Love on Route 7 has entertained you and your kiddos' sweet teeth to the tune of 1,020 cookies. Wow! All this statistical data plus a secret formula leads me to believe that we here at Bread and Butter Farm have accomplished the goal we set out to when we started dreaming up this "locally produced meat evening" in March.

We have made a solid 1, 872 new friends who live just down the road.

This week is Miriam Bernardo and Sara Grace on the Burger Night Stage. Do your best to get lost in their thoughtful lyrics and downright powerful voices. Allow yourself to feel like time is standing still this Friday because before you know it this new crisp autumn air will become visible as it leaves your lungs.

And now that we are friends. Let's make a plan to stay in touch all winter. Our farm store will not close due to good sledding weather. We will not shut down because of a 90% chance of snow forts. No way. Winter is creation station appreciation season and we'll plan to see you all year round.

But for now..... See you Friday?

-Bread and Butter Farmers

09/2/11 - Burger Night: This one is for Vermont

Hello friends,

We want to say to all who have lost power, their crops, their roads, their homes, their buildings, or loved ones, we are with you. We feel saddened by the loss the people of Vermont and the east coast are experiencing now, and offer our love and energy in this process to heal and rebuild.

This Friday, when you are eating your yummy food let us be thankful we are high and dry and surrounded by people we appreciate.

We are incredibly to honored to host Pete and Karen Sutherland this week at Burger Night. Pete and Karen have been building community through music for decades here in Vermont. Everyone we talk to knows them already, and smile at their names being mentioned. They are wonderful with kiddos and charismatic performers all around.

On the menu this week we see the return of the popular Kale Caesar Salad!

And finally, on a personal note. We went to a wedding this past weekend. Our friend, an antennae, married another antennae whom we had never met. We drove miles and unfortunately the wedding was horrible.

But the reception was great.

See you Friday?
Bread and Butter Farmers

08/26/11 - Burger Night: Veggie Burgers and Soaked Oats

Hello friends,

This week I write to our vegetarian contigent who enjoys our salads each week but longs openly for something more. Let me introduce to you the VT Goldburger. These yummy vegetable based saucers are comprised of 100% organically grown veggies from Earth Sky Time Farm in Manchester, VT. Oliver and Bonnie Levis (those responsibile for these treats) grow vegetables and orchard fruits and run a commercial kitchen to make value-added products such as breads, spreads, pickles. In 2009, Oliver and Bonnie applied for a Farm Viability Implementation Grant to upgrade their farmstand and to purchase veggie burger production equipment. They were awarded $7,000 towards a total project cost of $20,000. VT Goldburgers are now available in 15 natural food co-ops in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts.

"Thanks to this program we are utilizing thousands of pounds of organic VT grown produce and supporting our farm with year-round income.” says Oliver.

Well, add us to the list. You can sink your teeth into a veggie burger this week, if you so desire.

Another option is oatmeal. Nope, I am kidding. Truthfully, the music this week is as comforting as hot cereal on a cold winter morning. Soaked Oats is a duo made up of one part Jeff Fellinger and one part Amity Baker. They will be joing us this week and they are a part of a balanced Burger Night.

See you this Friday?
Bread and Butter Farmers

08/19/11 - Burger Night: Your horoscope for this week

Hello friends,

I have heard from many experts in the field of astrology that good things come in groups of three. In my latest tarot card reading it was also predetermined that the Flat Top Trio is a really good Bluegrass band. Therefore, the stars are pretty much perfectly aligned for this Friday, and subsequently any attendees of our Burger Night will almost certainly experience an elated feeling filled with wonder, excitement, and riches beyond comparison. Please, no comparisons.

That is your horoscope for this week. I would also pay special attention in the next two days of anything that might try to deter you from following your instinct to attend Burger Night. Plans beside Burger Night are generally placed in front of you to test you. Stay committed, stay strong, and we will....

See you Friday?

Bread and Butter Farmers

08/12/11 - Burger Night: when tectonic plates converge

Hello friends,

Since becoming parents we have learned a great deal. For instance it is my son Henry who took me to the Echo museum for the first time. That day, I learned that the Adirondacks used to be taller than Mt. Everest! Over time, wind, rain, and human influence has carved out the more modest yet stunning rock formations we can see from the farm. I thought that maybe this is how the story goes for all mountains. That is, until I met the duo from New Mexico, Round Mountain.

These two gentleman seem to be growing at a remarkable rate. Though their music does not sound like tectonic plates smashing together, the progression of their musical path gives me reason to believe that their is some force of nature at work here. Brothers Robby and Char Rothschild present many extremes; Bulgarian zydeco, klezmer and West African rhythms, wild bagpipes, trumpet and accordion played by one person at the same time, and beautiful acoustic numbers.

We are more than excited to host these two at Burger Night this Friday. Music will start early, at 4pm, as Round Mountain will be joined by our dear friends in Soulgrass.

Last week was a record week for us! Thanks to the wonderful story in the Free Press and the wonderful weather we got to see around 350 of you fine folk. So far we have 80 degrees and Sunny for the Friday Forecast. Burgers, Sausage, Salads, Cookies, Lemonade and the Sophomore appearance of Rookies Root Beer Floats should be enough to inspire you to tell you friends....

See you Friday?

-Bread and Butter Farmers

08/5/11 - Burger Night: Root Beer Floats? We might be rebels.

Each week, we try each to introduce at least two nuances to Burger Night. This week feels like a pretty big deal. In fact, this week brings light to a feeling I have been trying to wrap my brain around ever since Corie and I moved to Vermont from Michigan. Vermont might be a rebellious state.

First of all, what state in their straight and narrow mind has their own thriving local Root Beer business? (If you list others besides VT that is welcomed but beside my very focused point) Rookies Root Beer serves it wonderful root beer at more than 20 restaurants in town and inspires long lines at both the Burlington and Shelburne Farmers Markets. People seem crazy for thirst quenching treats they provide. We have decided their is no other choice but to team up with Jenny and Dave Rooke to serve Rookies Root Beer Floats this Friday at Burger Night.

Secondly, the Green Mountain State alsois home to a muisician who's genre of music can only be described as Rebel Folk. (Though we may also accept descriptions ranging from beautiful to pure) Jeremy Harple is the first name I read in the Seven Days upon moving here and I had a feeling he would be our friend one day. That is, if I was tough enough to handle his rebelliousness. (Which I have decided I am)

Two years in Vermont and we have certainly been hardened by the truths I have previously stated. I suppose if we had a rebel cry it would be something along the lines of:

See you this Friday!!!

-Bread and Butter Farmers

07/29/11 - Burger Night: Guest Chef Frank Pace meets the music of Heather Maloney

Hello friends,

I am not sure I have said this before but the real reason we started Burger Night was to bring together awesome people at our farm. Our aim is to truly respect and appreciate this land and each other.

If I have not said it and I was not telling you now you'd figure it out this Friday as soon as you walk down the driveway. You would hear the sweet and powerful sounds of one of the most thoughtful songwriters of her time mixing with the aroma of creations from a chef who truly loves what he does. Needless to say (as is most of this which makes it fun) we love what Frank creates as much as he loves creating.

Frank Pace
You may have been one of the many who has tried our new sausage the past few weeks. You can thank Chef Pace for that. You may have walked past, stopped, browsed, coveted and even purchased, cooked, and eaten one the many fresh cuts of meat at Healthy Living Market. You can thank Chef Pace for that. If none of this applies to you then I am really glad I said something. I would not want you to miss out on this brilliant experience.

I am not done.

Heather Maloney
The first time I saw Heather Maloney play I forgot where I was. That place is gone (RIP Langdon Street Cafe, we love you!) but the memory lingers forever. It is my belief that if one truly tunes in to Heather's music, it will never leave them and they will never be the same henceforth. Some of you were a part of her audience for her concert last April during the Silo Sessions series. I have seen many of you since and it has happened more than once that I caught you humming her melodies. To those of you who have not yet been woven into Miss Maloney's web of aural excellence, I speak directly to you now.

See you Friday.

Bread and Butter Farmers

07/22/11 - Burger Night: Time stands still

Burger Night: Wow. That is about all we could say. Wow.
Well, we have ordered extra lemonade this week. The forecast says something like 93 for Friday and before I say anymore about the future lets reflect.

Last week Burger Night set new records for attendance as it has every week since it began 7 weeks ago. We are in awe of you all and we want to take this 7th inning stretch moment to thanks you for not just showing up but creating something super special for you, your families, and your community to enjoy. I have observed that when good people come together the boundaries of fulfillment expand to the horizon of our view. Good work, folks. Let's keep enjoying this social landscape, eh?

Okay, back to sharing why it is a good reason to see us Friday. What do you know about Rik Palieri and Rebecca Padula?

Rik and Bec
Rik Palieri has performed in some famous places like The 40th Philadelphia Folk Festival, The Vancouver Folk Festival, The Port Fairy Folk Festival, Cafe Lena, The Hudson River Revival, The Bitter End, The Blue Bird Cafe, and Trumps Taj Mahal. Now he is will be your songster and story teller this Friday at Burger Night. He'll be joined by Rebecca Padula who has shared the stage with a number of notables such as Patty Larkin, Sally Taylor, Vance Gilbert, Rachel Bissex, Rod McDonald, Gregory Douglass, and Jim’s Big Ego. Together Rik and Bec spin enough stories and songs to make a quilt the size of well, Bread and Butter Farm, I suppose.

You can watch a video of Rebecca by visiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umAQkcu5dOY&feature=player_embedded

07/15/11 - Burger Night: What do pasture raised pork and Brett Hughes have in common?

You guessed it! No, actually that is not right.

The correct answer is they are both featured this week at Burger Night!

Our dear friend, and butcher at Healthy Living Market, Frank Pace, is responsible for our delicious new sausage that we will now offer in limited supply at Burger Night each week. Perhaps this week is your week to break your routine from grass fed beef, go out on a limb, and try our sausage?

Also, who here goes to Honky Tonk Night at Radio Bean every Tuesday? If you do then you already know what to expect from Brett Hughes. Brett has been the facilitator of many good times on N. Winooski, and now he will be sharing his illuminating presence with us at Bread and Butter Farm. Tyler Bolles will be joining Brett on Upright Bass. They say if you really want to be in a band, play Upright Bass. Everyone is looking for a good Bass player. Word is on the pedestrian walk way that Tyler is one of the most sought after talents in the area.

See you Friday?

Your Bread and Butter Farmers

07/8/11 - Burger Night: Feta is betta when it is next to a Burger

Hello friends,

We are once again featuring Does Leap Feta on our salads this week. You can choose to add feta to your plate for $1. Say you want a whole bunch of feta. Just keep adding $1 portions until you feel like you've hit the right ratio.

Also, we have finalized the music schedule for all of Burger Night 2011. We are stoked to featured all these wonderful local and regional bands. We are so excited we even built them a stage!!

You can find all the details for each artist at http://www.breadandbutterfarm.com/events

The schedule is below. See you Friday!

Music Schedule:
July 8th - Twist of The Wrist
July 15th - The Gordon Stone Band
July 22nd - Rik and Bec
July 29th - Heather Maloney
August 5th - Jeremy Harple
August 12th - Soulgrass
August 19th - Top Hat Trio
August 26th - Soaked Oats
September 2nd - Pete and Karen Sutherland
September 9th - Miriam Bernardo and Sara Grace
September 16th - Mayfly
September 23rd - Lowell Thompson
September 30th - The Irregulars

07/1/11 - A new Twist on Burger Night

Once again, we are setting out table and chairs, putting up the tents, and pressing burger patties for our weekly shin-dig. However, this week we have something special up our sleeves; Robert Reznik. You might know him as the host of "All the Traditions" on VPR (Sundays 3:00pm), but I first heard of him described as "The Guru of Traditional Music". We are stoked to have Robert's band, Twist if the Wrist, playing this week and next. Read more below.

Twist of the Wrist, a long-time "musical labor of love" for this quartet of versatile local musicians, specializes in sultry ballads and rousing instrumental music from northern Europe played on a wide variety of wind, stringed, and reed instruments. The band features Amity Baker, one of Vermont's great vocalists, woodwind powerhouse Barbara Wager, accordion journeyman Andy Homan, and musical jack-of-all-trades Robert Resnik. Music for dancing bourees and for time-traveling!


See you there?

-BBF (Bread and Butter Farmers)

06/24/11 - Burger Night: Rain? Not if we have anything to sing about it.

Hello friends,

This week rain threatens again, so we have pulled out the secret weapon of positive manifestation; Chris Dorman. Yes, what a nice guy, you might be thinking. But that's not all he is. He happens to have super powers to stop rain from falling on up to 7 acres for approximately 3 hours at a time. No kidding!

You can check out our hometown guy beforehand at www.chrisdormanmusic.com.

See you there?

This Friday, June 24th 4-7pm.

Bread and Butter Farmers

06/17/11 - Burger Night: What do we do if it rains?

Hello friends,

This week we have a new spin to Burger Night. Possible Thunderstorms! You might think with such a forecast that we would just stay inside and call it off. Nope. 50% chance of rain means 50% chance of awesome in our opinion. We will be grilling up burgers all evening. We have a finished pavilion space that seats about 35 and our farm store for extra space to be safe from the rain. Plus, this Friday and all Fridays hence forward we will be offering BURGERS TO GO! So stop on by, take a chance, and lets have some fun!

-Your Bread and Butter Farmers

06/10/11 - Burger Night this Friday

Hello friends,

We are excited to follow up our first Burger night tomorrow from 4-7pm. Jeff Fellinger return with a few new friends to provide music for the evening, and we have added a second grill.

As a reminder, please leave your dogs at home or with a puppy-sitter, and bring the rest of your family with you!

All about Burger Night

July 06, 2011

After 5 weeks of Burger Night I have realized we will be introducing Burger Night for many weeks to come. Each week we learn something new and meet many new members of our community. It is a pleasure to do so. In honor of all the new friends. here is an overview.

Bread and Butter Farm Burger Night
Every Friday 4-7pm

The basic idea:

Great Food - grown and prepared right here
Beautiful location - conserved for its beauty for all to share
Family friendly - safe and fun for a multi-generational community
Vibrant local music - living culture evolving before our eyes

Free admission.

Our menu:
(check back each week for changes and specials)
Grass-fed Beef Burger - $7
add Cheese for 50 cents
Fresh Greens Salad - $5
add Does Leap Feta for $1
Lemonade - $2
Cookies - $1 (currently we bake Cookie Love cookies!)

You can bring your own beverage to compliment your meal.
We have limited seating. We recommend bring a picnic blanket or chair with you.

Music Schedule:
July 8th - Twist of The Wrist
July 15th - TBA
July 22nd - Rik and Bec
July 29th - Heather Maloney
August 5th - Jeremy Harple
August 12th - Soulgrass
August 19th - Top Hat Trio
August 26th - Soaked Oats
September 2nd - Pete and Karen Sutherland
September 9th - Miriam Bernardo and Sara Grace
September 16th - Mayfly
September 23rd - Lowell Thompson
September 30th - The Irregulars

You can find details, links and videos at:

Take a leap into Feta!

June 15, 2011

This Friday, at Burger night we will be swimming in Salad Mix. You will have a Spicy Mix and Mild Mix option. Whatever your taste is you will most certainly want to try adding Does' Leap Feta cheese.

Does’ Leap is an innovative, diversified organic farm specializing in a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses. In an effort toward greater sustainability and self-reliance, much of our farm work - including plowing, harrowing, spreading manure, and firewood collection - is accomplished with two draft horses. The farm is located in northern Vermont in the heart of the beautiful green mountains with close proximity to Lake Champlain.

That is straight from their website which is www.doesleap.com

Our personal experience with Does' Leap Farm is with the owners and operators, George Van Vlaanderen, and Kristin Doolan. They are more like gems than people, and their farm management practices are inspiring. We are so excited to feature their feta this Friday. All we have to do is keep from eating all before then.

First Burger Night!

June 06, 2011

Last Friday was a gem of an evening for burgers. When we decided to go forward with the idea of hosting a Burger Night at the farm we had a vision of what it might be. It seemed like a good idea to combine good food, with good music and good people. No amount of dreaming and scheming could have prepared us for how wonderful this first evening went. I needed to step out to run an errand at the beggining of the event. There was one car in the driveway and the grill was warming up. When I returned there was almost no room left for parking and a line 30 people long to order! Thanks to everyone who made it out and brought your friends with you! Thank you to Amy bacon for grilling up tasty burgers, and to Soulgrass for providing sweet sounds for all of us to listen to. What I loved most of all as I took a moment to take it all in was the diversity in age of the attendees. From 9 weeks to 90 years it seemed we all were having fun! Tom Bacon took some video of the band and Jarret Frankel shot a few photos of the event. Here they are for you to view and share, and we will see you all next week!

Bread and Butter Farm Bets on Basics - by Sally Pollak

May 17, 2011

SHELBURNE — Henry Dorman, 3, led a visitor through an old dairy barn at Bread and Butter Farm the other day, to the newest animals on the farm: a pair of lively and affectionate barn kittens.

Things are sprouting all over the 143-acre farm on the South Burlington-Shelburne border. Spring greens are coming, and Jersey-Brown Swiss calves are nursing.

A new baby, the human kind, arrived not long ago: Samantha Dorman, Henry’s little sister, is 1 month old. Their mother, Corie Pierce, runs the farm with her business partner, Adam Wilson.

For FULL story visit This Link Here to the Burlington Free Press

Spring Milk Mustache

May 03, 2011

Spring time brings with it change everywhere you look. As gray bursts into green here on the farm we notice the change at every meal. Our milk is beginning to take on that classic springtime taste. As the cows begin to eat fresh grass on pasture, replacing their winter diet of hay, the milk sweetens just a bit and you can notice a slight change in color, usually more yellow or orange.

Spring time is also calving season on most dairy farms and our herd is growing as well. We welcomed our 12th and 13th heifer (female) calf in a row last month and we are expecting one more any day now. When a cow is at the beginning of her lactation cycle she produces the greatest volume of milk. That being said, we have plenty stocking the shelves of our farm store right now. Most of our milk is pre-ordered by customers who come weekly to pick up their milk, but you will notice on the top shelf of our cooler, half gallon jars with blue labels. That milk is for sale 7 days a week from 9 to 6 to anyone who happens in.

By the way, I dare you to send in photos of you with a milk mustache. Sure, it's been done before, but Bread and Butter Farm Milk is like the Burt Reynolds of dairy assisted facial hair.

Post your photo on our Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/breadandbutterfarm

Hoophouse Rebuild

May 01, 2011

What a wonderful work party at the farm today. Some fourteen of us made incredible progress on rebuilding our hoophouse that collapsed in a snowstorm March 6th. As each bow was lifted into the air and put in place a sense of rejuvenation filled us, and as each bolt was fastened to its one true nut we felt that rejuvenation locked into place as if it is here to stay.

Thank you to all of you who helped today. We are well on our way to year round production once again.

Welcome to our new website!

April 27, 2011

We are very excited to introduce our new home on the world wide interweb. Our dear friend, Bill Chesney, has spun us a super cool template to share with you the latest and greatest that we have to offer at Bread and Butter Farm. If you like our site and want one of your own just find Bill at www.roughdraftdesigns.com.

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


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