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The Farm Team

Adam Wilson and Corie Pierce are the farm owners and operators. They met in 2005 when they were both attending the UC Santa Cruz Organic Farm & Garden Apprenticeship. Right away, they knew they could work together to create a working farm that served the land, the plants and animals, and the community as a whole. Over the next several years, they stayed in touch while pursuing different farming endeavors, and when the time was right, they came back together in 2009 to buy the former Leduc Farm in Shelburne/South Burlington to create their dream farm together! Each with their own family, the Bread & Butter Farm team consists of Adam and his partner Erik Weil and Corie and her partner Chris Dorman, son Henry, and now Samantha born in April 2011.


April 15, 2011
Just moments after the birth of Annette.

The Bread and Butter Story - Episode 1
This is a collage of pics and videos from out first few months on the farm.

About Us

We are two families who have come together to create a community farm. We grow and raise a diverse selection of products that we believe are our staples for ourselves and the customers we serve. We are committed to raising and growing animals and plants in the most natural way we know, focusing on health from the soil up. We produce for sale whole grain, naturally fermented German breads (baked on farm in our wood-fired oven), 100% grass-fed beef, and a diverse array of nutrient packed greens (year round).

Our farm store is open year round on Fridays and Saturdays and many of our customers enjoy coming for our products but also to visit with the animals, walk around the gardens, and just enjoy being on a working farm. We encourage customers to truly get to know the land, animals, plants, and farmers responsible for producing the healthy food they are eating!

In addition to running a productive, diverse farm, we are beginning to host community events. Corie and her partner Chris Dorman run a weekly Burger Night on Fridays in the summer season (May-Sept). This community event is a celebration of all that our farm has to offer - beef, veggies, bread. We sell a delicious and nutritious dinner plate of our own burgers and buns served with beautiful salads from the veggies grown right here at the farm. Additionally, we bring local musicians to provide fun, foot stomping entertainment. The weekly event has become a local staple of fun summer-time, quintessential Vermont activity to do in the Burlington area! Come on by!

Farm History

Bread & Butter Farm was started in October 2009. Corie and Adam purchased the farm from the Leduc Family who had put the farm into a conservation easement through the Vermont Land Trust. Corie and Adam’s proposal to purchase the farm was chosen by the Land Trust in August of 2009 and they closed on the farm in September 2009.

The Leduc Family owned the farm for over 100 years prior to Corie and Adam. Until 2004, Maurice Leduc operated a dairy business at the farm. He had taken over the business from his father. Maurice and his 4 siblings all still live on Cheesefactory Road and provide Corie and Adam with constant support and guidance as they have taken over operations at the farm. You’ll likely see Maurice on his tractor helping Adam with projects around the farm. Any excuse to get Maurice on the tractor and he is usually up for it!

When Corie and Adam purchased the Leduc Farm, they knew they needed to get the bakery and farm store up and running as quickly as possible. That fall and winter, they quickly put together plans to convert a portion of the barn into the bakery and farm store. The first step was to convert part of the old dairy barn cow stalls into a clean, insulated bakery space. That winter, they ripped out the old stalls, pulled out the old concrete floor, and transformed a 36x30ft space into the future bakery and farm store. They worked with mason William Davenport to design and build the bread oven. The bread oven at Bread & Butter Farm has a hearth that is 6ftx9ft and is surrounded by up to 2 ˝ ft of insulation. William and Adam worked from March – April to build the oven. Simultaneously, Erik was leading the renovation of the rest of the bakery and farm store – new windows, wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. Since May of 2010, we have been open for business!

Adam Wilson

Adam decided few years back that he had to focus his farming and food interests on cows and bread. With four years of farming apprenticeship training and three years of bread baking experience under his belt, he traveled to Germany in the winter of 2007, where he studied traditional bread baking techniques, dairy cow husbandry, and cheese making. Returning home, he built two bread ovens in two years, selling bread first at the Norwich Farmer’s Market, and then the Burlington Farmer’s Market. He began to build his herd, starting with his first Jersey Cow, Marilyn and heifer calf Rachel.

Corie Pierce

Corie began farming as a teenager in New Hampshire on Barker’s Farm in Stratham, NH. It was supposed to be just a summer job, but she fell in love with the work – growing food, being outdoors, running a family business, interacting with the community, the teamwork to run a successful farm, etc. She knew it would become part of her livelihood eventually! She also loved teaching and working with kids and people. So, the vision of a community farm that also engaged people by sharing with them where food comes from and connecting people back to the food they are eating and how it is produced became a goal for her. In 2005, Corie and Adam met in California at the UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden Apprenticeship. It was there where the two began discussing ideas of this “community farm” and combining their passions and vision for a farm. After a wonderful stint in Michigan co-managing the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm and developing and teaching in their Apprenticeship, Corie moved back home to New England with her partner, Chris Dorman, and their son Henry, to collaborate with Adam to begin their farm.

Corie and Adam found out about the Leduc Farm preservation led by the Vermont Land Trust and submitted their proposal to buy the farm. In August of 2009, they were selected to buy the farm and in September 2009 they purchased the farm and launched their dream. Corie continues to teach for another year and a half at Sterling College while working on the farm on weekends. As of January 2011, Corie joined Adam full time on the farm helping to grow the vegetable production on the farm and to expand the dairy operation. Together, Corie and Adam are building all production areas of the farm – the bakery, the meat, the dairy, and the veggies and are excited to grow their dream of creating their family farm and community farm!

Chris Dorman

Corie’s partner, Chris Dorman, is a folk musician and runs Music For Sprouts, a music and movement program for the littlest of the little sprouts - ages 0-3. His programs run in 8 week sessions in the fall, winter, and spring, and the classes are held in the cozy bakery on non-bake days. He loves playing, singing and dancing with the kiddos! He also focuses on the littlest in the summer at our weekly burger nights where he does a kids set each week as well as the epic kid's parade, where kids are known to march through the kale patch and munch on kale! (Much to many parents surprise....)

His work is rooted in community building. Just as Corie and Adam see growing and produsing awesome healthy food as the ultimate community connector, Chris sees music in that same light. The farm is the perfect place for Chris to conduct his programming and engage folks of all ages in music and dancing!

Visit Chris' official web site

Erik Weil

Erik Weil, Adam’s partner, is our resident carpenter, landscaper, baker, grower, and overall jack of all trades. He will continue to be the foreman on our construction projects and will be the lead baker this summer.

Mailing List

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Farm Store and FOOD CLUB


The way the Food Club works is simple. You pay upfront - $300, and you receive a debit card that you "swipe" in the farm store every time you make a purchase. The card is valued at $315, so you get an additional 5% credit for paying up front. Each week, you receive a special email with a list of all the veggies and other products that will be available in the store that weekend. We also offer to our Food Club members first dibs when we have Beef Boxes available.

Your Food Club Card is also redeemable at BURGER NIGHT! So, you can just swipe your card at Burger Night.

The Card never expires, so no sweat on how fast you use up your balance!

It is super convenient for folks who travel or who may not get here each week.


We are open:
Fridays and Saturdays
9am - 6pm

Come try our whole grain, naturally leavened breads!

We also sell our greens and other veggies and maple syrup.

Education on the Farm and Private Burger Nights

We began a partnership with Schoolhouse Learning Center called "Farm, Forest, and Food". The K-5th grades come to the farm every Tuesday to work and engage on the farm, explore the woods, and cook lunch made with healthy, farm fresh food. We are thrilled to have the kids on the farm each week!

We offer "Private Burger Nights" for your group's special event. Tents are needed for groups over 45 people. Indoor space is available in our bakery for up to 45 people.

Our farm is a special place to celebrate and to gather and give your guests the quintessential Vermont experience while enjoying the freshest, tastiest food!

Booking 2014 Dates now!

For more information please contact Corie Pierce at breadandbutterfarm

Burger Night 2014!

Join us this summer on a Friday evening for our weekly Burger Nights! We offer our 100 grass-fed beef burgers, black bean burgers, awesome salads, and great live music.

All aspects of our farm come together at Burger Night. We raise the beef, grow the veggies, bake the buns, and commune with lots of music in our lives....so, join us for wholesome, good fun!

We will open in May once things warm up and dry out!

SEE YOU IN MAY 2014! Stay tuned for KICK OFF DATE